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We have to admit that there have been many times over the years when we thought Jenelle Evans had hit rock bottom.

But to our continued amazement, she keeps finding ways to sink lower.

Jenelle Evans In Gucci

These days, Jenelle is involved with QAnon, which means she’s added yet another item to the mile-long list of reasons she shouldn’t be trusted with children.

In case you’re unfamiliar, QAnon is an organization for people who have been driven insane by life in America under the Trump administration.

But rather than voting for someone more qualified or seeking professional counseling, these people have dreamed up a fairy tale in which Trump is the last line of defense against the cabal of satanic pedophiles who seek to take over the world.

Jenelle Evans Eyebrows
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That may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s 100 percent what this group of psychopaths believes — and that group now includes Jenelle.

Is difficult to overstate the damage that QAnon has done in a relatively short period of time, but one of their more appalling acts is to glom onto the Save the Children organization, thus discrediting the century-old charity by forcibly affiliating it with all sorts of bonkers conspiracy theories.

And not surprisingly, Jenelle is leading the way in this act of vandalism.

Jenelle Eason is Happy
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We doubt Jenelle knows anything about the history or goals of Save the Children, and she almost certainly understands nothing about the organization’s adversarial relationship with QAnon, but that hasn’t stopped her from adopting the name of the charity as a personal slogan.

As you probable know, Jenelle recently had her kids taken away by CPS after an investigation concluded that she had allowed them to be abused and neglected.

So it’s not surprising that critics felt the need to point out that Evans should probably clean up her own backyard before taking on the problems of the world.

Jenelle Evans For QAnon
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"Save your own damn children," a Twitter user replied to one of Jenelle’s sanctimonious tweets.

This prompted Evans to shoot back:

"I have.. from CPS and MTV."

Jenelle Evans and 2 Kids
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Yes, it seems that Jenelle is trying to sell a narrative in which CPS and MTV teamed up to steal her kids for … fun? Profit?

She’s predictably light on details, because the truth — that MTV fired Evans and CPS took her kids after David Eason shot the family dog in front of her children — is not too flattering.

Naturally, fans were quick to point out the idiocy in Jenelle’s latest con,

Jenelle in Nashville
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"Getting fired from MTV isn’t like a personal choice you made," one person tweeted 

"This poor girl needs help," another person tweeted. "She is seriously delusional, and unfortunately we all keep feeding into it"

"Lmao! You wanted MTV back!" a third chimed in.

Jenelle Evans and All Kids
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"That’s why you pretended to leave David! Do you ever stop lying? I used to try so hard to defend you because I genuinely feel bad for you! But you make it so damn hard!"

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones may have done the best job at characterizing Jenelle, slamming her rival as a “b-tch that never actually raised her kids”

“Why are you so obsessed with me?” Jenelle rather lamely replied.

Ashley Jones on Instagram
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“I’m obsessed with your kids getting help cause they need it. If DCFS was obsessed maybe they’d have a better f–king chance at life," Ashley replied.

It was a mic-drop moment, and Jenelle responded in cowardly fashion — by blocking Jones.

But Ashley was far from finished:

Jenelle Evans: Happy with Kids
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“Don’t tweet big sh-t then block me b-tch. Scary ass hoe," Jones tweeted.

“Oh I’m sorry cause I just thought a b-tch that never actually raised her kids and always being accused of abusing her kids and abandoning her kids said something.”

And just like that, Ashley became one of the true heroes of Twitter.

And people say this fame and social media business is hard!