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We all know that Mackenzie McKee has shredded abs. And she knows it, too.

So why is she hawking weight loss drinks on Instagram? Fans are calling her "disgusting" for promoting this "crap."

As you can see in the video that we have included, Mackenzie is taking part in a long-standing Instagram tradition.

She is monetizing her fame and her followers with an Instagram endorsement.

Mackenzie is promoting Boombod, a product allegedly designed to assist in weight loss efforts.

Mackenzie McKee with Weights

"What a weekend! Definitely made the most of it, but @boombod helped keep me on track," Mackenzie captioned her post.

She continued: "Not going overboard can be tough, but these shots help with cravings, so they really make a BIG difference"

The shots to which she refers are small samples of her Boom Bod drinks that she is promoting.

In the video itself, Mackenzie is dressed in athletic wear while she describes the powder packets.

She announces that they have "a lot of vitamins."

Mackenzie also claims that the product helps with "weight loss, cravings, having energy, and feeling good."

Mackenzie McKee Close Up

In accordance with FTC regulations, Mackenzie tagged her post with "#ad."

Instagram promotions are a multibillion dollar industry.

But fans aren’t accusing her of breaking rules. They’re accusing her of making poor choices.

"It’s disgusting you promote this s–t to make other women feel bad," accuses one commenter.

The same follower goes on to point out that it’s especially toxic "when you’re naturally healthy and in shape."

Mackenzie is famous for her figure, of course.

Mackenzie McKee Thirsty

Another follower asks: "Mackenzie, u are smart why are u promoting this crap?!"

A different commenter chimes in to advise: "I’m really sorry to say these do not work …."

That comment continues with a recommendation that "you better off upping your veggie intake instead…"

Mackenzie McKee Finishes Her Run

"Seriously ?" exclaims another commenter.

That follower asks: "Why you cant just work from home like me without this stupid things"

Meanwhile, some followers were actually taken in by the ad, as one asked Mackenzie: "How do I buy it?"

So, there are a couple of issues with this.

We are not doctors and cannot personally speak, through expertise or through personal experience, to the efficacy of Boombod as a product.

But we can say that ads of the product have been banned in multiple countries.

Many weight loss products that claim to curb appetite and fuel weight loss contain things like high levels of caffeine alongside ingredients that may cause diarrhea.

We cannot say that this is the case for Boombod, but the knowledge that this is how many "fit teas" work has made consumer wary of these products.

And it is only natural that Mackenzie’s followers would express annoyance that she would shove this product down their throats. It might make them feel cheap and used.

Mackenzie McKee in Shape

The other issue is that, even if Boombod were some sort of magical cure-all for anyone seeking to lose weight, that’s not how Mackenzie got her figure.

Mackenzie works out, regulates her diet, and perhaps most importantly, has the genetic predispositions to have her current figure.

Fans are cringing extra hard at a skinny, fit millionaire hawking this kind of product in ways that they might not at a less affluent, heavier promoter who might actually use the product.