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Ever since the 90 Day Fiance Season 8 trailer debuted last month, fans have been hyped for new and returning couples alike.

It already seems obvious that Mike and Natalie do not end well. This sneak peek makes it much more clear.

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This is not Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva’s first season of 90 Day Fiance.

In the past, they have had their problems, from differences of religion to … well.

To this: real problems being on the same page in terms of affection with each other.

The Hollywood Gossip

Mike is from the US and Natalie is from Ukraine.

And in this sneak peek for Season 8 of the series that started it all, Natalie is headed back to Ukraine.

The circumstances could not be more miserable.

According to the little graphic provided by TLC, this is happening just one day before the wedding.

Our guess is that it’s not happening at all now. We’re seeing her packing her bags.

"I will fly to Europe and from there," Natalie explains through tears to the camera, "I will figure out how I [will] get home."

"I don’t know honestly yet how,” she admits.

As you can imagine, this was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no good time for a painful, last-minute breakup … but this year made already bad things even more complicated.

“I feel scared because of coronavirus," Natalie explains.

It’s not just that COVID-19 is frightening to us all.

She has travel logistics to worry about in a time of massive global uncertainty.

Natalie has to make her way home to Ukraine despite that.

"And," she laments, "I have to f–king go through the airport."

Airports are more or less the last place that you want to be during a pandemic, folks.

"It’s f–king scary," Natalie explains before correctly expressing: "And it’s not OK."

Clearly, she is not merely speaking of the grim realities of navigating the world during such a crisis.

She is talking about Mike, whom she blames for this situation.

"I think that a man who does this to me doesn’t love me,” Natalie tells the camera.

In this clip, she does not explain what Mike allegedly did.

Did he dump her out of the blue? Did he get cold feet? Did they have a fight? Did someone reveal a secret? What is happening?

“This is my last day in America," Natalie proclaims.

We have seen other previews making it clear that this season puts this couple through the wringer.

At one point, though we do not know the context, Natalie tells Mike: "Maybe I’m bitchy but I’m not a cheater, and you know it."

The Hollywood Gossip

We also see Mike apologizing to Natalie at one point, looking genuinely remorseful.

Natalie responds: "You’re sending me home?"

"I’m honestly scared," she confessed to the camera.

"But I have to leave the country because I’m illegal here," Natalie said.

It is unclear if she means that there is a problem with visa paperwork or if she simply means that she has to leave because she’s not marrying him.

Whatever the case, malice or paperwork blunder or something else, Natalie can be heard declaring: "Michael is [a] monster.”