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If one thing breaks my heart, it’s seeing a deadbeat parent completely let down their kid.

I still burst into tears every time I hear Everclear’s "Father of Mine."

So last week, when I saw proven POS Adam Lind stand up his child at her father-daughter dance, I wanted to rip him apart, as did many other Teen Mom 2 viewers, as I’m sure did his ex Chelsea Houska.

Now, we get a chance to see little Aubree confront her dad about why he ditched her.

Sadly, he does not redeem himself.

In the clip for Teen Mom 2 below, the six-year-old watches her dad compete in a weight lifting competition. 

(Yeah, we’re rolling our eyes over here, too.)

She cheers him on, shouting, "Come on, Daddy!" from the sidelines as he bench presses a barbell.

And guess what? All that ignoring his daughter and focusing on himself earned him first place in the competition.


Aubree is unconditionally overjoyed for Adam, shouting, "You did it!" as he returns to his metal folding chair with the trophy.

Finally, Aubree poses the question.

"Why didn’t you come to the father-daughter dance?" she asks, point blank.

"’Cause I had to do this," he answers, without so much as an apology.


You had to do what, exactly? Train for a meathead competition so high profile that its signage entails a 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper taped to the door?

The least you could’ve done was call.

Adam says maybe he’ll come have lunch with her "one of these days," which Aubree seems excited about.

We don’t know if he kept that promise, but he recently took to Facebook to confess that he knows he’s been a jackass, and that he was going to turn his life around and become a better father and boyfriend.

‘Kay. We’re waiting.