Rob Lowe: Kelly Ripa's New Co-host on Live!?

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Now that the dust has settled from Michael Strahan's strained departure from Live!, the focus has turned to speculating on his replacement.

Early on, sources claimed that host Kelly Ripa was gunning for Anderson Cooper or Andy Cohen.

However, those two already have pretty solid jobs, and co-hosting a morning show might seem like a step down.

But there's one guy who's fresh out of a job who sources say is seriously in the running.

We never woulda thunk it, but Rob Lowe is reportedly in talks to accompany Kelly at the Live! desk.

Live! With Kelly and Rob... Do we like the sound of that?

The actor, whose sitcom The Grinder was recently canceled after one season, spoke to ET about the possibility.

While he doesn't confirm or deny anything, he does hint that he enjoyed serving as a guest host years ago when they were searching for Regis Philbin's replacement.

"I hosted it with Kelly and had the time of my life," he told ET.

"I love her... I love being able to talk to an audience every morning like that and just being fun, counter-punching, being silly, and talking about cool stuff."

The gig, of course, wound up going to Strahan, but maybe the timing's right for Lowe now?

"My kids are out of the house, they weren't then. Who knows," he coyly said.

"But listen, man, I don't want to go up against Anderson Cooper," he joked, adding, "I don't know if I'm going to go back as an actual guest host yet. ... You never know! You never know."

Sounds like it's a definite "maybe."

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