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Usually, when an NFL player gets divorced, he winds up shelling out a considerable sum to his former partner.

But apparently, that wasn’t the case when Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari ended their marriage.

Now, Jay earned a sizable salary during his 12 seasons as a quarterback for the Chicago Bears and the Miami Dolphins, but Kristin is a multi-hyphenate who’s been making big bucks since she rose to fame on Laguna Beach way back in 2004.

The exes both have net worths of roughly $30 million, but Jay hung up his cleats in 2017, meaning that his top earning days are well behind him.

Kristin still heads up several booming business ventures, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

So it’s not surprising that Jay made out in the divorce.

How much did he take home when he and Kristin finalized their split earlier this year?

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Well, Cutler’s not giving away too many details, but he recently confirmed that he came out on top.

"When the settlement came through, I threw a party," Cutler joked on his podcast this week.

Despite some nudging from his co-host, Cutler didn’t go into specifics, but it seems he had reason to be happy with the deal.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler in 2019

Shortly after Jay’s boast went public, TMZ caught up with Kristin at LAX and asked for her take on his his comments.

Kristin kept it classy at first, refusing to comment on Jay, the divorce, or the settlement.

It was only after she walking away from the paparazzo that she made a brief remark that seemed to convey her true feelings.

KC and JC

"I’ve been partying for two years straight," Kristin said when the photographer quoted Jay’s "party" comments.

Obviously, Kristin had the last laugh with that mic-drop diss.

And it’s not hard to see why she might be feeling a little annoyed with her ex-husband these days

Kristin Cavallari and Jay in 2011

As we previously reported, Cutler was recently caught sleeping with his best friend’s wife.

Now, normally, that would be the sort of story that would confirm to Kristin that she made the right decision by kicking his ass to the curb.

But the situation was complicated by the fact that this was all went down while Jay was on vacation with his and Kristin’s three children.

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“Jay went on vacation with his kids and his friend and his wife and their kids,” an insider said of the situation.

“The husband and Jay are good friends and also neighbors. Their kids are all friends. While they were on the trip, Jay was hooking up with his wife.”

Not surprisingly, Kristin was reportedly very pissed off when she found out that Jay subjected her kids to this kind of messiness.

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For the most part, it seems that Kristin and Jay have maintained a civil co-parenting arrangement.

But we think it’s safe to say that they’re going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment.

Hopefully Jay can get things sorted out soon, if only for the sake of his kids, some of whom are old enough to understand what’s going on.