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Ah, Farrah Abraham.

She’s officially reached that Kanye West, Donald Trump level of idiocy where we no longer doubt her ability to find new and innovative ways to make us say "WTF?!"

Once you think Farrah has hit rock bottom in terms of her awfulness, she blndsides you with some truly terrible comment that makes you acutely aware of the fact that she’s one of those people for whom there is no rock bottom.

If you don’t believe us, just check out the last week in Ms. Abraham’s life:

First, Farrah discussed her daughter’s future porn career.

Yes, Farrah believes that her 7-year-old daughter will wind up in porn, and she’s not only cool with it, she looks forward to it.

Shortly thereafter, someone asked about her dating preferences, and without hesitation, she blurted out that she doesn’t "date black guys" and considers that more of a "Kardashian thing."

Like we said, it doesn’t get much worse than FA, and we’re morosely curious to see if she’ll be able to top herself on the upcoming season of Teen Mom: OG, premiering August 22.

Based on her first preview clip, it looks like we shan’t be disappointed.

Somehow, Farrah is still dating Simon Saran, and for some reason, he encouraged her to move to LA so that they could be closer.

Bad call, Simon. Like … worst call ever.

Watch the clip below to see the look of a man filled with regret over every decision he’s ever made in his life.

We’d almost feel bad for him but … c’mon, dude – it’s Farrah Abraham.

You had plenty of warnings.

Check out the clip, then watch Teen Mom online to get caught up in time for Monday night’s premiere – and remind yourself of how awful Farrah can truly be: