Matt Baier Tries to Hold Baby, Gets Teased, Looks Old AF in Teen Mom Sneak Peek

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If viewers are wondering how Matt Baier has been dealing with the stress of knowing that everyone thinks he's a deadbeat dad, then I invite you to watch this clip teasing the August 22 premiere of Teen Mom OG.

Last Season:

Baier With Us

This Season:

Matt Baier Season Six Teen Mom OG

Baier and Amber Portwood were hanging out at her friend, Krystal's house, and Baier was holding Krystal's son, Leighton.

At first I just thought it was Krystal's weather-beaten gentleman friend holding Leighton, but a second look confirmed that Baier was in fact holding the infant.

And not well, might I add.

Krystal Amber Portwood Teen Mom OG

"What are you doing to him?" Portwood, 26, and her friend asked as they watched Baier kind of manhandle Leighton.

"We're doing good," Baier, 44, said.

"Look how he's sittin,'" Krystal pointed out, visibly concerned that her son was being handled like pizza dough.

"He's comfortable! Leave him alone," Baier insisted.

"Don't worry. We got this," he said to Leighton.

Matt Baier Holds Leighton Baby Teen Mom

Then the zingers started rolling in.

"Matt has enough kids, he should know," Krystal teased.

"Oh you are a piece of sh**, is what you are," Baier laughed, happy to give it right back (you have to give him a few points for having a sense of humor).

"This should be second nature," Portwood chimed in, effectively ending this edition of "Let's Belittle Matt."

"Alright, that's good," he said to his fiancee, indicating that she should lock it up.

While Baier continued to handle the infant, Portwood talked about wanting viewers to come around to Baier.

"I really want things to cool down with Matt and people's perception of him," Portwood told Krystal.

"And in all reality, I probably have a worse past than him."

Portwood confirmed to People last week that her October wedding to Baier has been canceled, and any future plans are on the back burner until they work out some unresolved issues.

"There's been so much talk about me and Matt the last season," Portwood explained.

"We kind of stay a little private," she said, conceding that "it's hard to stay private when everything is out in the open."

Portwood and Baier haven't given up on each other yet, and this coming season will see them working towards staying together forever.

"You'll see us working through certain things together and you'll see us talking about marriage and what we're going to do."

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