The Bachelor Season 26 Cast: Who Will Win Clayton Echard's Final Rose?

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Here we go, Bachelor Nation!

As The Bachelor spoilers predicted, Clayton Echard may have finished an unimpressive eighth on Michelle Young's season of The Bachelorette, but he's now been cast in a very different role.

And he'll soon begin his search for the number-one woman in his heart.

Indeed, just before Christmas 2021, ABC unveiled a detailed rundown of the stunning contestants that have been cast on Echard's season of The Bachelor, which kicks off on January 3 ...

... and which will almost definitely conclude with Clayton getting down on one knee in front of one of the women below.

Who willl it be? That remains to be seen, although recent Bachelor spoilers have hinted at who makes his final four.

Get to know each and every suitor right now, and right here!

1. Cassidy

Look at these stats, provided by ABC! This 26-year old looks ready to recruit Clayton into her lap!

2. Claire

Claire is 28 years old and works as a spray tanner. She must see a lot of people in the buff.

3. Daria

Daria is studying law, as you can see here. She's also just 24 years old.

4. Eliza

Wow, an entrant from Germany! She'll have a long way to go if Clayton sends her home.

5. Kate

Kate also hails from California. As a real estate agent, will she soon be looking for a house with Clayton?

6. Hunter

A Charlotte resident, this is a 28-year old who works as a human resources specialist.

7. Mara

An entrepreneur, huh? This often means one doesn't really have a job -- but we'll withhold judgment.

8. Elizabeth

By The Bachelor standards, this real estate advisor is ancient. She is 32 years old.

9. Lindsay

A neonatal nurse! This 27-year old is yet another example of a suitor for Clayton in the medical field.

10. Jane

Jane is 33 years old. As a social media director, it will probably be hard for her not to post during her duration on set.

11. Ency

Ency is a sales manager from California. We believe she is also the first Ency in show history.

12. Kira

Kira is a physician. There seems to be some sort of medical theme to this season, huh?

13. Serene

What a pretty name. Gotta admire anyone who works as a teacher, too.

14. Marlena

Wow! A former Olympian! Sure hope we get to hear a lot more about this during her time on the show.

15. Jill

This 26-year old is an architectural historian. Very impressive indeed!

16. Melina

Melina is a personal trainer. She probably wants to work Clayton out... if you know what we mean!

17. Sarah

A wealth management advisor at just 23 years old? Don't see that too often!

18. Salley

"Previously engaged." This is a strange thing to note, don't you think? We guess she doesn't work.

19. Rachel

A 25-year old flight instructor from the Sunshine State. This is what her biography says.

20. Genevieve

You're looking at a bartender from Los Angeles. She'll probably mix some drinks and also mix it up with the other women.

21. Gabby

A 30-year old ICU nurse, Gabby has likely seen a lot in her line of work over the last two years. She deserves a break.

22. Shanae

A Sycamore, Ohio resident. We wonder how she'll feel going up against women from some much bigger cities.

23. Susie

A wedding videographer, huh? Will she film her own nuptials if Clayton proposes?

24. Lyndsay

You're looking at a 28-year old Houston resident. She works as an industrial sales representative.

25. Sierra

She's a 26-year old Yoga instruction. Probably means she's very, very flexible.

26. Ivana

We've never seen this before: Ivana works as a Bar Mitzvah dancer?!? How specific!

27. Samantha

A 26-year old from San Diego, Samantha appears to be ready to settle down and start a family.

28. Hailey

Hailey works as a pediatric nurse. As you can see here, she hails from Florida.

29. Teddi

We've got another nurse! Teddi primarily works in the surgical unit.

30. Rianna

Rianna. Not Rihanna! She probably gets annoyed at the singer from time to time, don't you think?

31. Tessa

Tessa hails from Brooklyn. She'll be making a cross-country flight to try and become Clayton's wife.

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