PETA Pleads for End to “Anti-Animal" Rhetoric, Gives Us the Laughter We So Desperately Need

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We love animals at The Hollywood Gossip.

We have an entire section of our website dedicated to dog photos and we look at it any time we feel sad.

That said, we do not love the way PETA approaches its mission of trying to protect the rights of animals; not when most of its ads and statements seem more focused on garnering attention than actually protecting said animals.

Case in point: accusing Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra of horse abuse at their wedding.

Another case in point: equating anti-animal language with racism and homophobia.

Yes, PETA has actually done this with a Tweet and a chart that is thankfully so ridiculous that Twitter has gone straight from outrage to mockey.

See what we mean below...

1. Words Matter

Words Matter
What? Huh? What phrases is PETA even talking about here?!?

2. So Glad You Asked!

So Glad You Asked!
This is a real chart. These are examples of "anti-animal language" PETA would like us to stop using, replacing the phrases with the suggestions to the right.

3. Take It Away, Twitter!

Take It Away, Twitter!
Internet users had many responses to this chart, starting with a few serious ones such as the one above.

4. This Should Be Our Concern? REALLY?!?

This Should Be Our Concern? REALLY?!?

5. Did This Just Happen?

Did This Just Happen?


The responses then started getting more humorous... and awesome.

Wait! There's more PETA Pleads for End to “Anti-Animal" Rhetoric, Gives Us the Laughter We So Desperately Need! Just click "Next" below:

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