Kim Kardashian: AMBUSHED By Anti-Fur Activists! Watch the Video Now!

Kim Kardashian: AMBUSHED By Anti-Fur Activists!

After months of absolutely zero anticipation, Kim Kardashian's selfie book has finally been released, and the reality queen has hit the road for signings and meet-and-greets, during which she bravely pretends that she's actually set foot inside a bookstore before.

For the first ten minutes or so, the press tour was going as well as could be expected, but after events that took place during an appearance at Barnes & Noble yesterday, we're guessing Kim will go back to doing all her non-existent book shopping online.

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Kylie Jenner: Slammed by PETA for Painting Dog's Toenails

PETA Slams Kylie Jenner: You're a Hypocrite!

Kylie Jenner is the latest member of reality TV's most famous family to get in trouble with PETA.

While sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian have both been slammed in the past for wearing fur, the organization this time is honing in on a photo Kylie recently posted to Instagram.

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Pink: Nude for PETA!

Pink: Nude for PETA!

Pink is donning her birthday suit for what she believes to be an important cause.

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