Kailyn Lowry: Yes, I Cheated on Javi With Chris Lopez ... But Fool Deserved It!

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As you're probably aware, Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry is currently pregnant with her fourth child.

And you're probably also aware that this pregnancy has been anything but easy for the 28-year-old MTV star.

First off, Kail single and pregnant for the first time.

Second, she had to file for a restraining order against Chris Lopez, her third and soon to be fourth baby's father.

Not surprisingly, when she's not mixing it up on Tiwtter, the gravity of the situation has put Kail in a reflective mood,

And she's been looking back on her past relationships and contemplating where she stands with her baby daddies.

Her latest online musings contain more candor and honesty than we're accustomed to seeing from reality stars.

And for some, it's casting Kail in an entirely new light. Do we mean that in a good or bad way? Take a look:

1. Hard Times

Hard Times
Kailyn Lowry is in a tough spot. For one thing, she's expecting her second child with a man she openly despises.

2. Feeling Contemplative

Feeling Contemplative
And now, she's looking back on the events and decisions that brought her to this bittersweet moment in her life.

3. Bump Memories

Bump Memories
Chris is still at the forefront of Kail's mind. No surprise there, as she's carrying his child, and all.

4. Memory Lane

Memory Lane
But it seems a recent Instagram Q&A prompted the Teen Mom 2 star to look back on her relationships with her previous baby daddies.

5. Quite a Leap

Quite a Leap
Kail asked fans to jump to conclusions about her. One fan made the assumption that she still has feelings for Javi.

6. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
Kail, of course, was quick to disabuse her follower of this notion.

7. Just Friends

Just Friends
"I have no romantic feelings for him we are friends/coparent," Kail responded.

8. Low Blow

Low Blow
From there, things took a bit of a nasty turn, as fans accused Kail of being an inadequate partner to the three men who fathered her children, and creating the drama that's so negatively affected her life.

9. Ouch

"I assume you are the common denominator for all the problems in your life," wrote one follower.

10. The Clap Back

The Clap Back
"I've played my part in my romantic relationships, however I coparent just fine - for years now with 2/3. So that says something," Lowry responded.

11. Self-Forgiveness

"Furthermore, I don't believe I can be held responsible for the problems I faced as a child. And that's on therapy for the past 7+ months," she added.

12. Rising Above It

Rising Above It
Clearly, at this point in her career, Kail is able to shrug off disparaging remarks from hateful strangers. But still. it seems all that talk about her past got her thinking ...

13. Coming Clean

Coming Clean
"Damn I really ended up with the one I told him not to worry about #yikes and then he cheated with every single girl he told me not to worry about ... everything comes full circle #lessonlearned," she tweeted on Monday.

14. Opening Up

Opening Up
Kail has admitted in the past that she was unfaithful to Javi toward the end of their marriage. But this is the first time that she confessed to cheating with Chris ... while assuring Marroquin that they were "just friends."

15. Not a Great Look

Not a Great Look
Lowry was deployed with the US Air Force during Kail's period of infidelity, so it's not surprising that her admission didn't go over well with some folks.

16. Yikes

Chris has also confirmed that he and Kail carried on an affair while Javi was overseas.

17. Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy
But he says her infidelities didn't stop there, as she continued to carry on with her other "guy friends" while she was hooking up with Lopez.

18. A Lot Going On

A Lot Going On
Kail has yet to respond to that allegation, which isn't terribly surprising. After all, she's got a whole lot on her plate these days.

19. Kail and the Chaos

Kail and the Chaos
She recently offered a pregnancy update, which confirmed that her life is as chaotic as ever.

20. Baby Boy Is Coming!

Baby Boy Is Coming!
“Baby Boy & I are coming up on 29 weeks & so thankful to be in our third trimester! He still doesn’t have a name, but this is the chaos, it’s how we do things," Lowry wrote.

21. Big Things Afoot

Big Things Afoot
"Emotionally, this has probably been my toughest pregnancy. We’ve been keeping busy at home- planning and decorating his nursery, I can’t wait to show you the finished product!” she added.

22. And That's Not All ...

And That's Not All ...
Lowry recently referred to herself as "single and pregnant," but there's reason to believe she might be in a relationship!

23. Eating For Two

Eating For Two
Yes, on Instagram last week, Lowry suggested there's a new man in her life.

24. Making It Work

Making It Work
We're not even sure how dating while pregnant and quarantined is possible, but hey -- where there's a will, there's a way.

25. A Reprieve

A Reprieve
Whatever the case, Kail is clearly going through a lot these days. So here's hoping the haters can ease up on her a bit during her third trimester.

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