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As you’re probably aware, Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry is currently pregnant with her fourth child.

And you’re probably also aware that this pregnancy has been anything but easy for the 28-year-old MTV star.

First off, Kail single and pregnant for the first time.

Second, she had to file for a restraining order against Chris Lopez, her third and soon to be fourth baby’s father.

Not surprisingly, when she’s not mixing it up on Tiwtter, the gravity of the situation has put Kail in a reflective mood,

And she’s been looking back on her past relationships and contemplating where she stands with her baby daddies.

Her latest online musings contain more candor and honesty than we’re accustomed to seeing from reality stars.

And for some, it’s casting Kail in an entirely new light. Do we mean that in a good or bad way? Take a look: