Chris Lopez: Arrested, In Jail For Violating Kailyn Lowry Restraining Order

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As you probably know, the situation involving Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez has grown increasingly messy in recent weeks.

And now, it seems to have taken yet another ugly turn.

Lowry is reportedly pregnant with Lopez's child, but don't take that as an indication that Lux's parents are getting along.

Around the time of conception Lowry filed for a restraining order against Lopez.

And according to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Chris is currently behind bars for violating that order.

Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. Kail vs. Chris

Kail vs. Chris
When fans first learned that Kailyn Lowry is once again pregnant with Chris Lopez's child, many assumed a reconciliation was in the works. Unfortunately, it seems nothing could be further from the case.

2. A Terrifying Situation

A Terrifying Situation
The Ashley's Reality Roundup reported today that Chris is currently behind bars for violating a restraining order against Kail.

3. Repeated Incidents

Repeated Incidents
Apparently, Chris has been arrested three times in recent months. Twice in October, and once this week.

4. Kail In Crisis

Kail In Crisis
All three arrests were related to Kail's restraining order. The event or events that led a judge to issue the order remain uncertain.

5. Strike Three

Strike Three
A warrant for Chris' arrest was issued late last week. The Ashley reports that Lopez turned himself in to authorities Tuesday afternoon.

6. An Unexpected Turn of Events

An Unexpected Turn of Events
Lopez was scheduled to have a Case Review Hearing today, but that was canceled when he violated the protective order.

7. Kail Stays Home

Kail Stays Home
There was an expectation that Kail would attend today's hearing, but The Ashley has confirmed Lowry was not at the courthouse this afternoon.

8. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
It's unknown whether she chose not to attend or was informed in advance that today's hearing would not be held.

9. Low Profile

Low Profile
In general, Kail has been very private about the latest developments concerning Chris. More on that later.

10. Locked Down

Locked Down
Currently, Chris is being held without bail at the Delaware Department of Corrections. This is a temporary facility, meaning he'll likely be released of transferred very soon.

11. Back In Court

Back In Court
Chris is set to stand trial on March 9, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be locked up until then.

12. Heading Home?

Heading Home?
If he's able to reach a plea deal with prosecutors, he may not be forced to stand trial at all.

13. Confusing Times

Confusing Times
It seems that Kail was granted a protective order against Chris in October of 2019.

14. A Shocking Development

A Shocking Development
Earlier this month, a woman identifying herself as an aunt of Chris' posted what she claims is Kail's latest sonogram -- proof that the Teen Mom star is carrying Lopez's child.

15. The Mystery Continues

The Mystery Continues
Kail has neither confirmed nor denied that she's carrying Chris' baby, and many fans think her silence on the matter speaks volumes.

16. Yikes

The sonogram identifies her due date as July 25, which would mean she got pregnant right around the time that she got a restraining order against Lopez.

17. High Drama

High Drama
This is the kind of situation that Teen Mom 2 producers would love to capture on camera, but it seems Kail hasn't allowed that to happen.

18. On the DL

On the DL
“The producers have definitely tried to get Kail to film about the legal issues and the possible pregnancy story, but her lawyer has shut it down,” an insider tells The Ashley.

19. Exercising Her Rights

Exercising Her Rights
Obviously, Kail is entitled to her privacy, particularly with regard to a matter this sensitive.

20. Trying Her Best

Trying Her Best
Unfortunately, if Chris keeps running afoul of the law, she may find it difficult to keep the situation under wraps.

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