Kailyn Lowry: Pregnant? Knocked Up With Chris Lopez's Baby AGAIN?!

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Just when you thought her life couldn't get more complicated, there's reason to believe that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with Chris Lopez's baby.

Yes. Again!

Yes, this might feel like you're having a flashback to 2016, but in reality, Kail is kicking off a new decade by making the same old mistakes.


According to a new report from renowned celebrity gossip website The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Lowry is currently expecting her fourth child.

She has yet to confirm the news, but there's someone close to the situation - with no apparent reason to lie - who says she's knocked up.

We can expect an announcement any day now, according to this insider. Hold onto your butts, people. Here's what we know so far:

1. Another One

Another One
It looks as though Kailyn Lowry is pregnant once again. If the rumors are true, this would be her fourth child, and her second by Chris Lopez.

2. Calling Kail Out

Calling Kail Out
Reports of the pregnancy come from Chris' aunt, who admits she's spilling the tea ahead of schedule simply because she doesn't like Lowry.

3. Visual Evidence?

Visual Evidence?
The aunt allegedly submitted this photo of Kail's ultrasound to the Teen Mom Shaderoom Instagram page. The post reveals Kail's due date to be July 25.

4. Bad Blood

Bad Blood
In comments on the post, Chris' aunt says that she decided to expose Lowry because “karma is a bitch” and because Kail “has slandered Chris and made him look so bad in the media”

5. Payback

“There are some things that happened that I never mentioned or said anything about so now is the time,” the aunt added.

6. A Mixed Bag

A Mixed Bag
Obviously, this is Kail's decision to make, and we congratulate her if the news is true. But there's ample reason to be concerned by news that she's expecting another child with Chris.

7. Deadbeat Tendencies

Deadbeat Tendencies
For one thing, Lopez has been in and out of his son's life and has rarely fulfilled his legal obligations to Kail.

8. Nice Try

Nice Try
In the fall of 2019, Chris attempted to sign over his parental rights, but a judge would not allow him to entirely skip out on little Lux.

9. It Gets Worse

It Gets Worse
Believe it or not, attempting to legally free himself from any obligation to his young son is not the worst thing Lopez has been accused of in recent months.

10. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
Chris also stands accused of assaulting Kail. He was arrested twice in October on domestic violence charges.

11. Not a Good Look

Not a Good Look
If Kail is really due in July, that would mean she got pregnant around the time of Chris' arrests. And around the same time that she received a restraining order against him.

12. Kail v. Chris

Kail v. Chris
According to The Ashley, Kail will soon square off against Chris in court. The former couple is scheduled for a hearing on January 21.

13. Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation
Needless to say, their case might be somewhat complicated by the fact that Lowry is now -- allegedly -- pregnant with Lopez's child.

14. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
Chris has yet to speak out on the situation, but he did post an Instagram Story in which he seemingly advises Kail to block his family.

15. Quiet Kail

Quiet Kail
Kail has been similarly quiet, but insiders say there's good reason for that.

16. Legal Reasons

Legal Reasons
“Kail cannot comment due to an ongoing investigation,” a rep for the reality star tells The Ashley.

17. Her M.O.

Her M.O.
Of course, the last time Kail got knocked up by Chris, she kept it a secret for as long as possible, too.

18. Memories

On that occasion, Kail was called out on social media by her then-co-star Jenelle Evans. The more things change ...

19. Reason to Doubt?

Reason to Doubt?
Many have taken Kail's silence on the subject as verification that she's expecting. But that's not necessarily the case.

20. Hiding It Well?

Hiding It Well?
The Ashley has inside sources who work on Teen Mom 2, and at least one of them says they would be shocked to learn that Lowry is knocked up.

21. Master of Disguise

Master of Disguise
“If Kail is pregnant, she’s done a good job of keeping that information from the producers,” one source said.

22. Pulling One Over on Them?

Pulling One Over on Them?
“Until the story broke today, no one had any clue that a pregnancy was even a possibility,” the informant adds.

23. In the Dark

In the Dark
Obviously, with all this conflicting information, we won't know for sure if Kail is really pregnant until she confirms or denies it.

24. The Good News?

The Good News?
Of course, if Lowry really is expecting, we'd like to offer her our sincerest congratulations.

25. Just Sayin' ...

Just Sayin' ...
That said, we would be doubly psyched to learn that she's pregnant by anyone other than Chris Lopez.

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