Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus Throw DOWN in Epic Teen Mom 2 Fight!

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So Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus have hated each other for a good while now ... we're actually coming up on the one year anniversary!

They haven't been secretive or passive aggressive about their hatred, either, and you definitely know that if you've watched literally any episode from this season of Teen Mom 2.

But this week, MTV aired a special "behind the scenes" episode of some things that happened during the taping of the reunion back in May.

And it was INTENSE.

1. All This Over Javi?

All This Over Javi?
Kailyn and Briana were never really close or anything, but they quickly became enemies last fall when Briana started getting flirty with Kailyn's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

2. Seriously, Over Javi?

Seriously, Over Javi?
Kail and Javi had been over for a while at that point, but still, Kailyn thought it was inappropriate for Briana, her co-worker, to be getting with her ex, and that's kind of fair, right?

3. Weird

But in the beginning, Kail was upset because Javi took their son, and also her older son, on a "boy's trip" to Disney World but conveniently left out the fact that Briana and her kids also came along on the vacation. And that's also fair.

4. Too Much

Too Much
But after that, Kailyn and Briana officially decided they hated each other, and got into it on social media, through text messages, via Javi ... it was just a lot.

5. Way, WAY Too Much

Way, WAY Too Much
At the taping of the last Teen Mom 2 reunion, the one from last September that we saw footage from this season, they got into a bit of a spat. Kail called Briana ratchet, Briana told her that she was just salty because she was hanging out with Javi.

6. Just Wait

Just Wait
At the time, it was very dramatic and exciting. But we had not seen anything yet.

7. The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens
By the time this season's reunion was filmed in May, Briana and Javi had already been broken up for a few months -- and Javi had a quick fling with Kailyn before impregnating another woman.

8. And Yet ...

And Yet ...
But even though Javi was no longer involved with either of them, the feud between Kailyn and Briana still lived.

9. Too Far

Too Far
Not too long before the taping, Briana made a comment on Instagram, alleging that Kailyn's third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, abuses her, and that he'd been violent with her in front of her children.

10. Come On, Bri

Come On, Bri
At one point, that was a rumor that stemmed from "production sources" who spoke with one website, but to repeat it as fact like Briana did was inappropriate. And for Kailyn, they were fighting words.

11. It Begins

It Begins
OK, so for this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, MTV aired a "behind the scenes special," and that was a little confusing because usually they go from the season finale to the two-part reunion, but as we learned, there was so much drama between Kailyn and Briana that it warranted its own special.

12. All Good So Far

All Good So Far
It started off normal enough -- Barbara and Nathan talked a little about Jenelle, Leah got her hair done forever, that kind of thing. But then Kailyn recorded an episode of her podcast with Chelsea, and Chelsea made it clear that she was concerned about a fight breaking out around her pregnant self.

13. Poor Chelsea

Poor Chelsea
Oh, if only she knew ...


When everyone was backstage preparing for the taping of the Unseen Moments special, Kailyn decided that she wanted to sit down for a chat with Briana. But she also put her hair up in a ponytail and put some sneakers on, so it seemed like she was preparing for a little more than a chat.

15. A Good Question

A Good Question
The two ladies sat down in a room without cameras but with security guards -- they also had their microphones on -- and Kailyn kicked the conversation off with “Tell me why you felt so comfortable commenting what you commented on Instagram."


Briana tried to tell her to relax, but she responded with "I’m not going to relax because I’m going to beat your ass.”

17. Ugh

The two ladies went back and forth for a little bit, with Kailyn trying to express that her issue wasn't that Briana said things about her, but that she brought her children into their feud, and with Briana not getting it.

18. Coming to Blows

Coming to Blows
Again, there were no cameras, but apparently Kailyn did try to get physical then, but the security guards held her back -- she was heard yelling "Just let me hit her one time!"

19. So. Much. Yelling.

So. Much. Yelling.
Briana really did not seem interested in a fight, and she left the room. Kailyn followed her, and they continued screaming at each other at opposite ends of a hallway. Honestly, it was hard to hear what they were saying because they were both sort of screeching by then.

20. JK

But they still had work to do, so crew members asked them both if they thought they'd be able to continue filming -- remember, the Unseen Moments special they were doing at that point happens with all the cast members on stage together. They both said they were cool, but that turned out to be a lie ...


The moms all came out onstage one by one, with Kailyn going on before Briana. So when Briana came out, she immediately started going after Kailyn, yelling “All that sh-t you were talking, what the f-ck, bitch. I’ll fight you.”

22. An Honest to Goodness Brawl

An Honest to Goodness Brawl
Kailyn stood up and tried to go after Briana, but again, those pesky security guards were there to hold them back. But as Kail was going towards Bri, Brittany, who was already seated behind Kail, did manage to run up and work in a quick hair-pull.

23. Madness

Chelsea left as soon as Briana came out ready to fight -- she left the stage, but she also left the studio. Poor Leah sat there, looking a little confused and alarmed, but Briana and Kailyn kept trying to get at each other. Briana was so persistent that one security guard had to tackle her into a table to get her to stop.

24. Oh, Girl ...

Oh, Girl ...
Like, she was so intent on attacking Kailyn that her dress came up to her waist and she STILL KEPT GOING.

25. Yikes

Eventually Kailyn was escorted somewhere else, and security guards brought Briana to another room where she started screaming -- just some really unnerving, weird wails -- and throwing things. It was bad.

26. Real Talk

Real Talk
It was so bad that afterwards, Brittany had to tell her sister how crazy she'd just made herself look, saying “You did not have to f-cking do that sh-t. You could’ve waited until after, bro. Now we have all this f-cking drama.”

27. Well ...

Well ...
Briana's friend agreed with Brittany, but Briana didn't care how she looked, all she cared about was fighting Kail.

28. Dang, Kail

Dang, Kail
Meanwhile, Kailyn was very upset with the crew members that had kept her from fighting Briana when they were alone, telling them “F-ck all of you. They should have let me have her.”

29. Oh, Javi ...

Oh, Javi ...
Later, Kailyn was sitting in a room by herself when Javi came in, eager to hear all the details about his two exes fighting. It was weird, and Kailyn wasn't having it -- she dismissed him pretty quickly.

30. But Wait!

But Wait!
Even after all of that, the drama isn't over yet!

31. All These Feelings

All These Feelings
Next week, MTV will air the first part of the actual reunion, and as we've seen in sneak peeks, we'll get more information about the fight, as well as Kailyn and Briana's thoughts on what happened. As always, can't wait!

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