Kailyn Lowry FIRES Teen Mom 2 Producer: He Set Me Up to Get Beat Down!!

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If you're a longtime Teen Mom 2 viewer, then you're probably familiar with JC Cueva.

Cueva has been embedded in Delaware as Kailyn Lowry's producer since 2016.

Unfortunately, it seems his days as head of the show's Kailyn unit has come to an end, and it was none other than Kail herself who kicked Cueva to the curb.

Yes, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Lowry fired Cueva after accusing him of being more concerned with his job than with her safety.

It all played out during last night's drama-packed Teen Mom 2 reunion, and the situation highlights just how upset Kail was over what went down.

1. Angry Kail

Angry Kail
If you watched Monday's reunion special, you know that it was quite a stressful night for Ms. Lowry.

2. Multiple Confrontations

Multiple Confrontations
Kail nearly came to blows with Briana DeJesus on more than one occasion. Both times, security guards prevented the ladies from actually pummeling each other.

3. In Harm's Way

In Harm's Way
She escaped the evening without any injuries (though she did get her hair pulled by Britanny DeJesus), but Kail apparently felt that producers didn't do enough to keep her safe.

4. Pre-Show Drama

Pre-Show Drama
According to The Ashley, Kail was already less than thrilled with Cueva as “JC had some drama with one of Kail’s friends” during a previous taping session.

5. JC Ya Later

JC Ya Later
Little is known about that incident, but it reportedly made Kail "uncomfortable" working with Cueva.

6. Lashing Out

Lashing Out
The situation came to a head after the second of Kail and Bri's two on-set confrontations, as Lowry felt that Cueva intentionally put her in harm's way.

7. A Tense Situation

A Tense Situation
"Things really came to a head at the last reunion,” one production source tells The Ashley.

8. An Alleged Betrayal

An Alleged Betrayal
“JC knew Kail was ready to confront Briana on set and one of the higher-up producers told Kail she couldn’t fight Briana because it was a liability," says the insider. "But JC made it seem like he was on Kail’s side.”

9. Round One

If you watched the reunion, then you're no doubt aware that Kail and Bri nearly threw down backstage.

10. Round Two

Round Two
That altercation was followed by another brief standoff, this one taking place on stage in a segment featuring the entire cast.

11. The Set-Up

The Set-Up
Kail reportedly believes that Cueva and other producers conspired to place her right in front of Briana and Brittany during the segment, knowing some sort of physical altercation would occur.

12. Boneless

Even worse, Cueva has been accused of preventing Kailyn's BFF, Bone Estrada, from jumping on stage and joining the melee.

13. Held Back

Held Back
“Bone was watching on a monitor backstage, and as soon as Bri came out ready to fight, JC was heard saying into his walky-talky to have security hold Bone back,” the source adds.

14. Jumping In

Jumping In
“Eventually, JC literally used his own body to prevent Bone from coming out on stage. Kail saw that as the ultimate betrayal," the insider claims.

15. Another Showdown

Another Showdown
It seems Briana wasn't the only one who got under Kail's skin that day. Witnesses say she confronted Cueva immediately after she left the stage.

16. Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real
“[Kail] got right up in JC’s face and told him he was fired, in front of a bunch of other cast and crew members” one source tells The Ashley. “She told him she didn’t like him, and that he was no longer welcome in her home."

17. Kailyn Lowry Strolls

Kailyn Lowry Strolls
"She said he got her all hyped up and then basically took Briana’s side and helped her and Britt come after Kail," says the insider. "She felt that JC set her up, and that’s what she told him on-set after the on-stage fight went down.”

18. Kail Has Clout

Kail Has Clout
“Kail wanted nothing to do with JC after this final incident and told Larry to get her a different producer,” the first source claims. “This was after [Kail’s ex] Jo [Rivera] had a previous issue with him, so [the executive producers] decided it was best that JC not work with Kail or her secondary cast anymore

19. Given the Boot

Given the Boot
Higher-ups heard Kail's concerns and re-assigned Cueva to work with TM2 newcomer Cheyenne Floyd. Hey, it could've been worse! He could've been exiled to Alaska to work with Bristol Palin.

20. Houska In the House

Houska In the House
And it seems Kail's not the only one who's outraged at the way she was treated while filming the reunion special.

21. Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately
Chelsea Houska is currently pregnant with her second child, and she was so angry about being put in harm's way that she very nearly quit the show.

22. Outrage

Chelsea says she was so disgusted with what took place at the reunion that she didn't even watch the broadcast last night.

23. One Angry Mom

One Angry Mom
“I already watched tonight’s episode earlier and it made me feel so sick to my stomach that I was even around any type of physical altercation while pregnant," she tweeted Monday night.

24. Misplaced Trust

Misplaced Trust
"Unfortunately, I put too much trust into people that I thought were looking out for my best interest and safety,” she wrote on Twitter.

25. Listening to Her Gut

Listening to Her Gut
“Looking back…I wish I would’ve listened to my gut feeling and not have gone to filming that day at all," Chelsea concluded.

26. Randy Sounds Off

Randy Sounds Off
Chelsea's father, Randy Houska, echoed her sentiments, writing: “The fact that @mtv higher ups said they would not let happen exactly what did happen … was ridiculous,” he tweeted. “I firmly believe it was all set up with Brianna ahead of time to flip out like that.”

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