The Bachelor 2019: Who Will It Be?!?

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Becca Kufrin has made her choice.

Now, therefore, it is time for ABC to make its choice.

With The Bachelorette having decided to marry Garrett Yrigoyen for some reason, attention now turns to the next season in this franchise.

Specifically, just who network executives will select to be the next Bachelor?

We've listed a few of the leading contenders below, along with a list of individuals who we think could be ideal for the role...

1. Who is Eligible to Be the Bachelor?

Who is Eligible to Be the Bachelor?
Absolutely anyone, of course. Typically, however, producers choose from a pool of suitors who were sent home by the previous Bachelorette, narrowing down the list of realistic possibilities to a handful of hopefuls.

2. The Field is Wide Open This Year

The Field is Wide Open This Year
"The audience is the silent producer of this show. We want to see who people want to see as The Bachelor,'" Rob Mills, ABC’s SVP of alternative series, specials & late-night programming, has told Variety. "There are several candidates, and there’s no consensus from the audience. People have pros and cons on several people. We also want to see when we start talking to girls who will be in the potential cast, who they like."

3. So... Who is on the Table?

So... Who is on the Table?
Garrett is off the table because he's now engaged to Becca. But let's delve into the other options from The Bachelorette Season 14, shall we?

4. Blake Horstmann

Blake Horstmann
The runner-up would be the logical choice as the Bachelor. But Blake never seemed to really pop, for lack of a better word. Nice guy. Decent guy. But would he really being eyeballs?

5. Jason Tartick

Jason Tartick
Now HERE is a fan favorite. He admitted to feeling totally "empty" after being dumped by Becca and has been lauded by fans for his candor and his honesty.

6. Wills

Wills stood out for his fashion as much as anything else on The Bachelorette. Said Mills to Variety: "Wills had a massive following and had a very different approach. His reactions sometimes to some of the guys was priceless. He really called it like it was, and that could be very interesting to see, in terms of dating 25 women. He is also probably the most stylist person we’ve ever had on the history of the show."

7. Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood
Ah, yes, the virgin. We hate to simply label him as such, but Colton is the one who has been talking a lot about his preference to abstain sexually. It would absolutely garner the show attention if if cast a virgin as The Bachelor.

8. Clay Harbor

Clay Harbor
He has to leave the show early due to a hand injury and how this could affect his professional football career. But he established himself as a viewer favorite prior to leaving and the football aspect could bring in male viewers.

9. Grocery Store Joe

Grocery Store Joe
Mills is serious! The show may throw its fans for a swerve and go with Joe because... "everything is a possibility. He's on Bachelor In Paradise, so we’ve got to watch what the reaction is. There was such a huge following for Grocery Store Joe - someone that we really know nothing about, but we will know more after Bachelor In Paradise.

10. Peter Kraus

Peter Kraus
We haven't forgotten about you, Peter! Many fans wanted to see Kraus as The Bachelor after he was rejected by Rachel. It's not too late, is it?

11. Scott Disick

Scott Disick
Let's be real, readers: Who would NOT watch a Bachelor season with Disick at the center of it? It would be the top-rated show on television.

12. Hank Baskett

Hank Baskett
He's now divorced from Kendra Wilkinson and we know he doesn't mind doing reality television. This would also open up the suitor field to transgender models.

13. Dakota Meyer

Dakota Meyer
He recently divorced Bristol Palin and she recently agreed to star on Teen Mom OG. So let's do it! Let's put both halves of this former couple on the small screen and see what happens!

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