Jenelle Evans: Pregnant With Fourth Child?!

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Is Jenelle Evans pregnant with her fourth child?

Fans are convinced that the Teen Mom 2 star has been hiding a baby bump these days ... and her appearance has looked like it.

Of all the Teen Mom pregnancy rumors out there, this one seemed among the more credible, given recent images and her track record.

We're not dissing Jenelle and her life choices like some people (David Eason's sister comes to mind) but she does get pregnant often.

Is she or isn't she this time, though?

Let's see what she has to say about it, because until we hear Jenelle Evans is pregnant from her, we're never 100 percent sure.

Actually, we're not sure even then, since she lied about the last one for a decent period of time. Neither here nor there. Anyway:

1. Just Married

Just Married
David Eason married Jenelle last fall, and they already have one child together, so if Evans is pregnant, at least she's in stable home environment. Well, maybe. Rumors of relationship strife seem to dog this couple about as much as pregnancy rumors. In any case, talk of the Easons expanding their family has run rampant.

2. A Rumor is Born

A Rumor is Born
When we say that talk of Jenelle being pregnant has been an Internet staple ever since they got married, this is literally the case. The first sighting of Jenelle's supposed baby bump came DURING her wedding to David back in September.

3. There it is Again!

There it is Again!
Many fans sore they saw the beginnings of a baby bump again when Jenelle and David flew to LA for the Teen Mom 2 reunion show shortly after they got hitched. If you look, it's not a crazy theory.

4. Cradling Number Four?

Cradling Number Four?
As you can see above, the Teen Mom 2 star was caught on camera cradling her stomach at the aforementioned event before quickly removing her hand.

5. Shoot 'Em Down

Shoot 'Em Down
At the time, Jenelle denied being it, saying "I'm not pregnant, I'm done with kids." Of course, she also denied it the previous time, and the pictures from the reunion taping appeared to show a baby bump, so needless to say, speculation did not fade away.

6. Radio Silence

Radio Silence
After that initial denial, Jenelle opted not to comment on the latest round of rumors, which only fueled further speculation as additional "evidence" continued to mount ...

7. A Bikini Story

A Bikini Story
The pregnancy speculation continued to heat up later September when her stomach appeared fuller in a bikini shot posted to Jenelle's Instagram story.

8. Suspicious Sea Creature

Suspicious Sea Creature
Yes, people can point to anything to fuel rumors they want to believe, but her Instagram posts have not been helping her case. Jenelle keeping her midsection covered during a recent mermaid-themed photoshoot was widely believed to be baby bump-related.

9. That Baggy T-Shirt Though

That Baggy T-Shirt Though
The mother of three then appeared to have a bump in an Instagram photo posted in October, according to some observers ... though others started to feel like this dissection of her social media accounts bordered on absurd. Evans' fans became split into two warring factions.

10. Is She ...

Is She ...
Some fans like this clearly believed she was expecting and began calling on her to respond ... which of course she didn't. Silence did not quell the rumors, or the people on the other side of the divide.

11. ... Or Isn't She?

... Or Isn't She?
Other fans raised the valid concern that perhaps this debate over Evans' body wasn't just fun gossip, but a form of body-shaming. Then came a legal salvo that threw the whole Teen Mom universe into chaos (and hysterics).

12. Cease and Desist!

Cease and Desist!
Evans recently sent cease-and-desist letters to several of her co-stars, friends, her own mother ... pretty much anyone who said anything about her remotely publicly. This led some fans to the conclusion that she's forcing them to keep quiet about her pregnancy news ... though it was likely a simpler explanation. She cray.

13. The Truth Revealed

So is it a baby bump or not?! After months of speculation, the mother of three finally took to social media to address the situation in her own words ...

14. Serious Issues With ...

Serious Issues With ...
Jenelle finally revealed why she's been sporting a fuller appearance of late, posting the above image with the message, “I’m home a lot lately, mainly because of my stomach issues." Issues related to ...

15. ... Surgery?!

... Surgery?!
“Stayed in on New Year’s Eve," Jenelle added, saying it was so bad that she "couldn’t even wrap my Christmas presents." Evans doesn't mean pregnancy, though. "I’ve been recovering from hernia repair surgery. I hope my health is better now and I don’t look bloated anymore.”

16. In the Same Bloat

Jenelle blamed these medical issues for her fuller stomach, which would cetainly make a lot of sense. “Sorry if you guys assumed I’ve been pregnant anytime recently, but I’m not pregnant,” she clarified. “Just been bloated for the wrong reasons.”

17. Do You Believe Her?

Do You Believe Her?
It's not a stretch to say that Jenelle may be the least trustworthy star in the Teen Mom universe. Yes, she's even more prone to lying than Farrah Abraham. She's misled fans on the specific topic of pregnancies, and would certainly do it again, we suspect, if she felt she had to. Of course, it's also possible that she's not actually pregnant, and she indeed had hernia surgery as she said. Only time will tell, we suppose!

18. Either Way, Concerns Remain

Either Way, Concerns Remain
Pregnant or not, fans worry about Jenelle and for good reason. Evans has been accused multiple times of doing drugs while pregnant, and has been arrested more times than we can count. We have to hope that Jenelle and David - whatever you think of him - continue to settle into their married life and create a stable, thriving environment for the three kids she already has.

19. Secret Split?

Secret Split?
There's talk that Jenelle and David, for all of their public shows of affection and unity, might have already broken up or are at least close to it. There are cracks in the foundation for sure ... but will they last? We hope so, even if the prospects of that happening are murky at best.

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