Teen Mom Pregnancy Rumors: Who's REALLY Expecting?!

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Between the nine principal cast members of the Teen Mom franchise, it seems not a week goes by without a new pregnancy rumor making its way across the social media landscape.

These days, it can be difficult to keep track of who's actually expecting, and who's merely the subject of unfounded gossip.

That's why we're helping you separate fact from #FakeNews with the following rundown of all your best-loved and most-reviled Teen Mom: OG and Teen Mom 2 stars:

1. Amber Portwood: Pregnant!

Amber Portwood: Pregnant!
Get excited, Amber fans! Ms. Portwood is currently expecting her second child! Bonus good news: She DIDN'T get knocked up by Matt Baier!

2. Talk About Dodging a Bullet

Talk About Dodging a Bullet
Amber and Matt broke up earlier this year while filming Marriage Boot Camp. In the months since they parted ways, he got married, and she got pregnant.

3. Welcome to the Show, Andrew Glennon!

Welcome to the Show, Andrew Glennon!
Amber wasted little time, hooking up with Marriage Boot Camp producer Andrew Glennon shortly after Matt's departure. Glennon is the father of Amber's baby, so you'll likely be seeing him on Teen Mom: OG sometime in the near future.

4. Catelynn Lowell: Not Pregnant...Yet!

Catelynn Lowell: Not Pregnant...Yet!
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have expressed their shared desire to bring a third child into the world. However, it seems they've been forced to put those plans on hold.

5. Seeking Help

Seeking Help
Catelynn recently checked into a rehab facility, citing ongoing emotional issues.

6. Courageous Cate

Courageous Cate
She opened up on social media about her decision to re-enter treatment prior to checking in. We wish her all the best.

7. Maci Bookout: Not Pregnant...We Think

Maci Bookout: Not Pregnant...We Think
Back in October, an Instagram photo prompted rumors that Maci was expecting. Two months later, however, she has yet to make any sort of announcement.

8. Closing Up Shop?

Closing Up Shop?
Maci recently revealed that she has no plans to get pregnant again, insisting that she and husband Taylor McKinney have their hands full with the three children they have now.

9. Maybe Adoption?

Maybe Adoption?
“I think for me, one, I don’t want to be pregnant ever again. I hate being pregnant," Bookout said in an interview. She added that she would be open to the possibility of one day adopting a child.

10. Farrah Abraham: Thankfully Not Pregnant

Farrah Abraham: Thankfully Not Pregnant
We're guessing a good number of you are only here to make sure Farrah Abraham hasn't spawned again. Fortunately, we come bearing good news: It doesn't appear that Farrah is currently expecting.

11. Focusing On Her Career

Focusing On Her Career
Farrah may or may not have been fired from Teen Mom: OG (It's tough to tell, as her story keeps changing.), but she still has plenty of other revenue streams lined up...

12. Farrah the Camgirl

Farrah the Camgirl
Most recently, Farrah has been masturbating over livestreams for paying customers. Can someone tell her she already makes a ton of money?

13. Mackenzie Standifer: Pregnant! (Probably!)

Mackenzie Standifer: Pregnant! (Probably!)
She may not be one of the OGs of OG, but Ryan Edwards' wife has certainly endured enough televised drama to be included on this list. Their marriage got off to a rocky start, but Ryan and Mackenzie recently revealed they're planning on a baby together! Yes, the wording is vague, but insiders say they may be waiting to announce the pregnancy in some special (read: televised) way.

14. A Wedding Do-Over

A Wedding Do-Over
Ryan and Mackenzie held a second wedding last month, due to the fact that he was so high on prescription painkillers for the first one that he passed out en route to the church. Thankfully, he's freshly rehabbed and looking forward to a bright future ... likely with a baby in tow before long. He and Mackenzie both have a son from previous relationships, so that will present a number of challenges - ones we hope they're up for!

15. Kailyn Lowry: Not Pregnant!

Kailyn Lowry: Not Pregnant!
On to the ladies of Teen Mom 2. A rumor that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fourth child was recently spread by Kail's friend with benefits, Dionisio Cephas.

16. The Kail Clan

The Kail Clan
Kailyn just welcomed her third child earlier this year. She says she's no longer dating Dionisio, and is currently involved in a relationship with Dominique Potter.

17. Briana DeJesus: Not Pregnant!

Briana DeJesus: Not Pregnant!
That brings us to Kailyn's biggest rival, Briana DeJesus. As far as anyone knows, Briana is also not expecting.

18. The New Addition

The New Addition
The newest addition to the TM2 cast, Briana also welcomed a child earlier this year.

19. Romantic Rivals

Romantic Rivals
Briana is currently dating Kailyn's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, so if it turns out she's knocked up, you can bet her feud with Kail will only intensify.

20. Chelsea Houska: Not Pregnant!

Chelsea Houska: Not Pregnant!
There's no baby news on the horizon for Chelsea Houska, who married Cole DeBoer in October of 2016.

21. The Happy Family

The Happy Family
Chelsea and Cole have one child together, a son named Watson. She also has a daughter, Aubree, from her relationship with Adam Lind.

22. Leah Messer: Not Pregnant!

Leah Messer: Not Pregnant!
Despite rumors to the contrary, Leah Messer is not currently expecting. However, she hasn't ruled out the possibility of having more kids in the future.

23. A Hectic Household

A Hectic Household
Leah has three daughters from her two marriages. She says she's currently single.

24. Jenelle Evans: Not Pregnant!

Jenelle Evans: Not Pregnant!
Though fans insisted she looked pregnant at her recent wedding to David Eason, Jenelle Evans is not currently expecting.

25. That's Probably a Good Thing...

That's Probably a Good Thing...
Jenelle and David seem to have their hands full, as it is. She's currently fighting to regain custody of her eldest son, Jace, from her mother, Barbara Evans.

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