Duggar Family 2018 Predictions: A Baby For Jinger & So Much More!

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Well, a new year is upon us, which means new goals, new opportunities and--if you're a member of the Duggar family--lots of new marriages and babies.

Yes, not a year goes by that the Counting On clan doesn't get a little larger, and this year, they're off to a hell of a start.

Just today we learned that Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her first child, and she won't be the only member of the extended Duggar fam to bring a little one into the world in 2018.

Jump in for a full rundown of what you can expect in the months to come from reality TV's most controversial family:

1. A Baby For Jinger!

A Baby For Jinger!
By Duggar standards, it's been a long wait! Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo were married for well over a year before they announced that she's expecting. No word yet on when the bundle of joy is due, but Jinger won't be alone in shopping for maternity clothes...

2. A Bundle of Joy For Joy

A Bundle of Joy For Joy
Joy-Anna Duggar is expecting her first child VERY soon. She hasn't revealed an exact due date, but some fans believe Joy will deliver before the end of January.

3. Kendra and Joe's Become Mom and Dad

Kendra and Joe's Become Mom and Dad
Yes, Joseph Duggar and wife Kendra Caldwell also have a little one on the way. And believe it or not, the list of Duggars who may be expanding their families in 2018 still isn't done.

4. A Third Baby For Jill?

A Third Baby For Jill?
Some folks believe Jill Duggar will be making a pregnancy announcement any day now. it would be the third child for Jill and husband Derick Dillard.

5. A Courtship For Jana?

A Courtship For Jana?
It's widely believed that after years of searching for Mr. Right, Jana Duggar is involved in a courtship with Caleb Williams. Fans are hoping she'll make a big announcement sometime in the next few weeks.

6. And What About John David?

And What About John David?
You heard it here first! Our Duggar insider says John-David is involved in a low-key courtship with a woman who lives in Texas. (Fortunately, JD owns his own single-engine plane for easy traveling.) Will he announce his romance in 2018? Only time will tell! And of course, that would be far from the biggest surprise the Duggars have in store this year...

7. Guess Who's Back?

Guess Who's Back?
Many fans believe that his increased presence on the Duggars' social media pages is a sure sign that Josh Duggar will be making his long-dreaded return to Counting On. Here's hoping those folks are way off-base.

8. The End of a Derick

The End of a Derick
And while Josh is on his way in, Derick Dillard is most certainly on his way out. TLC and the producers of Counting On have cut ties with Jill Duggar's wife due to controversial views the father of two expressed on social media.

9. A Reduced Role For Jill?

A Reduced Role For Jill?
Derick has hinted that his wife and children will join him in no longer appearing on the show, but Jill has yet to speak publicly on the matter. Duggar women are usually unfailingly loyal to their husbands, but Jill is now her family's sole breadwinner, and she might feel she has little choice but to continue on as a reality star. In the meantime...

10. The "Fundraising" Will Continue

The Dillards have created a lot of controversy by asking fans for money online. They've promised to stop, but have yet to do so.

11. And Counting On WILL Return!

And Counting On WILL Return!
For much of the show's latest off-season, it was rumored that Counting On had been canceled. But at least two of the Duggar girls have been spotted filming in their hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas.

12. Family Feuds

Family Feuds
Jim Bob has reportedly been feuding with sons-in-law Ben Seewald and Jeremy Vuolo, and those who know the family best say it doesn't look as though the conflicts will be resolved any time soon. And that's not the patriarch's only problem...

13. Jinger's Rebellion

Jinger's Rebellion
Jinger has been openly striking out on her own and rebelling against some of her family's more asinine rules. The most obvious act of defiance is her decision to wear pants despite her family's strict dress code that requires women to wear long skirts at all times.

14. Sisters Following Suit?

To Jim Bob's chagrin, at least two of Joy's sisters have taken her lead and decided to start being a bit more liberal with their attire. Expect that trend to continue in 2018.

15. The Joy Controversy Will Continue

The Joy Controversy Will Continue
There's been a good deal of controversy surrounding Joy-Anna's due date, as many fans believe that she got pregnant out of wedlock, and that her family has gone to great lengths to hide that fact. Expect the debate to rage on, especially if Joy delivers before late February.

16. More Parenting Scandals

More Parenting Scandals
The Duggars are always under fire for their controversial parenting methods. The most recent scandal involved speculation that daughter Jordyn Duggar is being abused, and you can sure there were be several such controversies in the new year.

17. Duggar Divorce Rumors

Duggar Divorce Rumors
They seem to crop up about once a month. We're predicting that in 2018, you'll hear "reports" that Jill and Derick, Josh and Anna, and Amy Dugar and Dillon King have called it quits. There might be something to the Amy and Dillon rumors...

18. Hell For Michelle

Hell For Michelle
And you can be sure that Duggar critics will continue to give Michelle a hard time over her controversial parenting methods. Whether the criticism is warranted or not is a conversation for another time, but one thing is undebateable...

19. The Duggars Will Continue to Rake in the Cash in 2018

The many scandals and controversies only seem to make their core fan base even more loyal. Love 'em or hate 'em, it seems the Duggars won't be leaving the spotlight any time soon...

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