The Bachelorette: Meet Clare Crawley's NEW Men!

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Clare Crawley is getting ready to meet her husband.

And she'll have quite a few men from whom to choose.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with The Bachelorette producers scrambling to find older men to compete foor the 39-year old's heart, there will be more suitors than ever before on Season 16.

According to this list of contestants, a total of 42 men will be housed in a giant California resort; some as alternates, in case someone gets sick, and others as instant contenders.

Scroll down to meet them all!

1. This is Mike

This is Mike
The 38-year-old is from Calgary in Alberta, Canada and looks like he enjoys the outdoors.

2. This is Yosef

This is Yosef
He's 29 and from Mobile, Alabama. That makes him a decade younger than Crawley.

3. This is Zac C.

This is Zac C.
He's 36 and from Haddonfield, Pennsylvania. He looks good in a t-shirt.

4. This is Page

This is Page
He's 37 and from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Looks like he has some tattoos.

5. This is Spencer

This is Spencer
Hi! Spencer! You're looking at a 30-year old from La Jolla, California.

6. This is Blake Monar

This is Blake Monar
The 30-year old is from Rockport, Indiana. He apparently hates top buttons.

7. This is Peter

This is Peter
Peter is 32 years old and he hails from Everett, Massachusetts

8. This is Robby

This is Robby
Robby, 31, hails from St. Pete Beach, Florida. Don't call him Robert, people!

9. This is Montel

This is Montel
Montel, 30, is from Hingham, Massachusetts. Looks like he's a fan of the outdoors.

10. This is Ivan

This is Ivan
Ivan, 28, is from Dallas, Texas. Don't mess with him, guys!

11. This is Jordan M.

This is Jordan M.
Jordan is a 30-year-old from Deerborn, Michigan. For the record, that's a very underrated state.

12. This is Zach J.

This is Zach J.
Zach is 37 and from Yakima, Washington. Dude does not lack for biceps.

13. This is Joe

This is Joe
He's 36 and from North Woodmere, New York. North Woodmere is a hamlet section of South Valley Stream, New York, located in far western Nassau County on the South Shore of Long Island in the Town of Hempstead and is represented by Councilman Bruce Blakeman.

14. This is Brendan

This is Brendan
He's 30 and from Milford, Massachusetts. Looks like he'd be a gentle lover, you know?

15. This is Jay

This is Jay
Jay is 39 and from Langhorne, Pennsylvania. He's about to hit the big 4-0!

16. This is Ben

This is Ben
Ben, 29, is from Indianapolis, Indiana. Will this be his chance to settle down at last?

17. This is Uzoma

This is Uzoma
Fancy suit, man! Uzoma, 29, is from Dallas, Texas.

18. This is Josh

This is Josh
Josh, 31, is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He looks about 14, though.

19. This is Jason

This is Jason
Jason is a 31-year-old from Rutland, Vermont. He has at least some shot at landing Clare.

20. This is Noah

This is Noah
He's 25 and from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yes, only 25! That's a dozen years younger than Clare.

21. This is Blake Moynes

This is Blake Moynes
Blake Moynes, 29, is from Burlington, Ontario, Canada

22. This is Kenny

This is Kenny
Kenny, 39, is from Oaklawn, Illinois. He also enjoys a solid workout.

23. This is Ed

This is Ed
Ed, 36, is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He clearly likes going to the gym.

24. This is Chris

This is Chris
Chris, 27, is from St. Louis, Missouri. He's a lot younger than Clare as well.

25. This is Alex

This is Alex
Who needs long pants? Not Alex, who is 28 and from El Paso, Texas.

26. This is Garin

This is Garin
This 34-year-old hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Looks like a fun-loving dude!

27. This is Bennett

This is Bennett
He's 37 and from Atlanta, Georgia. He likes to wear button-downs.

28. This is Jeremy

This is Jeremy
He's 40 and from Virginia Beach, Virginia. One of the few suitors who is older than Clare.

29. This is Ellis

This is Ellis
Ellis, 26, is from Libertyville, Illinois. Might he end up with Clare?!?

30. This is Gary

This is Gary
Gary is 29 and he hails from Cleveland, Ohio. We wish him luck!

31. This is Chasen

This is Chasen
He's 31. He's from Walnut Creek, California. And he's very handsome.

32. This is AJ

This is AJ
AJ is a young gun. He's 28 years old and from Irvine, California.

33. This is Demar

This is Demar
He's just 26, very good looking and from San Diego, California.

34. Dale Moss

Dale Moss
The 31-year old is the only suitor here from South Dakota. He has reportedly made a VERY strong impression on Clare Crawley.

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