Chris Lopez: I Don't Know Why Kailyn Lowry Keeps Having Kids With Me ... But I Know I Won't Get a Job!

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When Teen Mom 2 fans learned that Kailyn Lowry was pregnant with her fourth child, they rejoiced.

But when they learned that she was pregnant by Chris Lopez, they ... well, what's the opposite of rejoicing?

We wouldn't go so far as to say they grieved, but they were understandably upset that Kail had chosen to have a second child with the deadbeat dad who put her through hell the first time they made a kid together.

Kail hasn't offered any explanation for why she keeps having children with a guy who seems to be little more than an overgrown child himself.

So Chris conducted an Instagram Live Q&A session in which he attempted to solve the mystery.

The results were interesting, to say the least.

Take a look:

1. Lopez Live!

Lopez Live!
Chris Lopez answered questions from fans during an Instagram Live session this week. And something tells us Kailyn Lowry will NOT like some of his responses.

2. Deadbeat Drama

Deadbeat Drama
The session comes at an interesting time, as Kail recently called Chris out for his failure to involve himself in the life of Lux, his nearly 3-year-old son with Kail.

3. Lux Alone

Lux Alone
Specifically, she said that while her other baby daddies frequently spend weekends with their kids, she has Lux “99.9% of the time" due to Chris' inattentiveness.

4. Another on the Way

Another on the Way
Kail is expected to give birth to her fourth child -- her second with Chris -- sometime this summer.

5. Going It Alone

Going It Alone
She recently stated that she does not want Chris in the delivery room this time (he was actually present for Lux's birth), and it seems he's not too bothered by that declaration.

6. Not Stressing

Not Stressing
“I stay out of the way,” Chris said during his Instagram Live (shout-out to The Ashley's Reality Roundup for transcribing his mumbling). “If I get the call [to come to the birth], I get the call. If I don’t, I don’t. It is what it is at this point. I can’t stress it, bro.”

7. Not Expecting Much

Not Expecting Much
Kail has stated that she's planning to have a home birth, and she is NOT planning on Chris being involved in his child's life.

8. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Asked if he plans to take a more active role in his child's life, Chris' response was typically disappointing.

9. Don't Know ... Don't Care?

Don't Know ... Don't Care?
“I don’t know. It ain’t up to me. It’s not up to me anymore," he said.

10. In the Dark

In the Dark
From there, a follower asked what Kail plans to name the baby, and again, Lopez was less than helpful.

11. Can You PRETEND to Care?

Can You PRETEND to Care?
“I don’t know the baby names,” he said. “We discussed names but I don’t know what [she’ll] go with. I don’t care anymore. I already know how it’s going to play out. I already made up my mind about things.”

12. The Fighter

The Fighter
Chris has taken up boxing lately, but when a fan asked if he plans to fight for custody of his kids ... well, you probably see where this is going ...

13. We Don't Feel You

We Don't Feel You
“It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t, ya feel me?” Lopez responded. He added that he just got some “court sh-t” in the mail. Sounds exciting!

14. Chris Doesn't Care

Chris Doesn't Care
“I don’t get a fair chance in court anyway. Y’all think I care about court? No! I’m not saying I don’t care about my kids. I didn’t say that," he added.

15. A Life Without Lux

A Life Without Lux
From there, Chris admitted that Kail is right that it's been a while since he's seen hs son. in fact, he stated that he "doesn't know" when he saw Lux last.

16. Giving Up

Giving Up
“I love my son, I see him when I can see him,” Chris said. “I done that [trying to see him] for so long, and look where it got me.”

17. Doc Dad

Doc Dad
As for that documentary Chris says he's making, it may serve a purpose beyond self-aggrandizement. Lopez says he wants to “make documentation that I went to court to prove that I’m not a deadbeat.”

18. Sounds Pretty Deadbeat-ish to Us!

Sounds Pretty Deadbeat-ish to Us!
Some would say Chris admitted to being a deadbeat when he confessed that he doesn't know when saw his son last. But he insists that's not the case.

19. Out of F--ks to Give

Out of F--ks to Give
“For three years I’ve been fighting for my son, and being played out as this bad guy who don’t do anything,” Chris said. “Even when I stepped in court. I went to court and three years later I’m still called a deadbeat. It doesn’t matter if I go to court or not, y’all still gonna say I’m a deadbeat, so I don’t give a f--k.”

20. What Is She Thinking?

What Is She Thinking?
That brings us to the eternal question of what Kail sees in Chris. It's something that has long left fans baffled, especially after she filed for an order of protection against him last fall. Chris admitted that he's confused, too.

21. Good Question

Good Question
“I don’t what [Kail] sees in me,” he said. “Maybe it’s because I make cute kids, I don’t know.” Lopez later admitted that sex with Kail was "addicting," so there's that ...

22. Fashion Statement

Fashion Statement
Then it was back to the definition of deadbeat. “So what if I’m a ‘deadbeat?'” Chris said. “Apparently you can still be a deadbeat and people will have still have sex with you and want to have kids with you. That’s life. I’m gonna get a shirt that says ‘deadbeat’ and everything!”

23. Income Coming In?

Income Coming In?
“People say ‘get a job and fight for your son’ but, do I gotta get a job, or just get income?” Lopez said when someone asked how he pays his bills. “Which one, because I’ve got income."

24. Chris the Builder

Chris the Builder
"I got a part-time job and I build s--t. Right now I’m on three sources of income, so tell me why I gotta get a job? Explain why I need a job,” he added.

25. Good Luck, Kail!

Good Luck, Kail!
“Explain why I need a job!” Chris continued. “Do you know what JOB stands for? ‘Just over broke.’ So y’all want me to get a job, work for someone I don’t want to work for, at a job I don’t wanna work at just so they can underpay me and overwork me. I can literally pay all my bills. I just proved that last week. I paid my bills off and never left my bed!”

26. In Summation ...

In Summation ...
So there you have it. Chris has no plans for the future, doesn't know or care if he'll be involved in his sons' life, and doesn't seem to give a damn about Kail. We hope her expectations are VERY low this time around.

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