Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Officially Separated! [Exclusive]

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We know, we know -- you've heard this one before.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason break up about as frequently as most couples go out to dinner.

But this time, they might have really called it quits for good.

After all, now that Jenelle has been fired from Teen Mom 2, there's no camera crew on The Land, which means Evans and Eason would be keeping up appearances for the sake of a bunch of chickens.

On top of that, Jenelle traveled out of state without David for the first time in a very long time over the weekend, and the trip may have caused her to return home with a very different view of her marriage.

Here's everything we know about the situation thus far:

1. Lord and Lady of the Land

Lord and Lady of the Land
It's only been two years since Jenelle Evans and David Eason got married. But we can't even count how many times they've called it quits since saying "I do."

2. On the Down-Low

On the Down-Low
Usually, when these two separate, they can't wait to tell the whole world. This time, however, the signs have been unmistakable, but subtle -- which leads us to believe this might be the real deal.

3. Next-Level Passive Aggression

Next-Level Passive Aggression
One of Jenelle and David's favorite breakup moves is to remove all the relationship info from their Facebook accounts. You might remember this tactic from your own days in middle school.

4. Blank Space

Blank Space
This time, both parties have erased any mention of their marriage from their "About" section. Sadly, we don't know which Eason was the first to wipe the slate clean.

5. Class Act

Class Act
David followed that up with what appears to be a cornball post-breakup dad joke. Hey, at least he thinks he's funny!

6. Going Off

Going Off
In fact, the passive-aggressive memes and jokes were flying non-stop on David's Facebook page all weekend. This is what happens when you have no one but chickens to talk to.

7. But Seriously, Folks ...

But Seriously, Folks ...
There were times when Eason set the humor aside and spoke candidly about his situation. His dog-killing ass still deserves zero sympathy, but it's worth pointing out that he's at least a little sad about the split.

8. Back At It

Back At It
Did we mention that David has been using humor as a defense mechanism a lot lately? Because dude seriously spent his entire weekend posting memes for wounded bros.

9. Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior
On Friday, David made this loving snap with Jenelle his profile picture.

10. He Lives For Drama

He Lives For Drama
By Saturday night, it had been replaced by this photo of David and little Ensley at a monster truck rally. Like we said, subtle -- but significant.

11. David. Is. Pissed.

David. Is. Pissed.
Whatever happened over the weekend (more on that later) David is still angry about it. He posted this on Tuesday morning and deleted it moments later.

12. Shade, Shade, Shade

Shade, Shade, Shade
Meanwhile on Twitter, Jenelle declared her own weekend "drama free." We can't tell if she's being sarcastic, or if she means the weekend was free of drama because she spent much of it away from David.

13. Flying Solo

Flying Solo
Evans traveled to New York City by herself on Friday night. At first, it was rumored that she would be participating in the Teen Mom 2 reunion show that was taping in Manhattan, but that didn't turn out to be the case.

14. Back In the Saddle?

Back In the Saddle?
It's rumored that Jenelle met with MTV execs, and naturally, that unconfirmed report led to further rumors that Jenelle has been re-hired for her old gig.

15. Rolling the Dice

Rolling the Dice
Of course, it would be incredibly risky for MTV to give its most-disliked star another shot at fame. However, with the way Teen Mom 2 ratings have been plummeting in her absence, execs may feel they have little choice.

16. Reaching a Compromise

Reaching a Compromise
The fact that the alleged meeting and the alleged split took place on the same weekend has led many to the conclusion that the timing is not coincidental.

17. Sounds Like a Win-Win!

Sounds Like a Win-Win!
Is it possible that MTV offered Jenelle her job back, but only if she cuts ties with David?

18. The Nugget Incident

The Nugget Incident
It sounds far-fetched, but it's important to remember that Jenelle probably wouldn't have been fired in the first place if she had left David after he beat and shot the family dog.

19. Coded Language

Coded Language
For legal reasons, MTV likely couldn't come right out and say to Jenelle, "Ditch your husband and we'll give you your job back," but they could have poignantly reminded her that he's the reason she got fired in the first place.

20. Pure Coincidence

Pure Coincidence
Of course, it's possible that the timing was purely coincidental. Or that Jenelle decided to take the trip after she and David called it quits.

21. What a Weekend

What a Weekend
Perhaps his Friday night declaration of love was a last-ditch effort to save the marriage. Maybe she went to New York to beg for her job back after her relationship fell apart.

22. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
Whatever the case, Jenelle has been strangely quiet about this split, which was not the case the many previous times she and David separated. And that could be an important sign that this thing is serious ...

23. The Truth Will Come Out

The Truth Will Come Out
Jenelle's silence combined with David's obvious outrage leads us to believe she did something, he found out about it, and all hell broke loose.

24. Damage Control

Damage Control
Whatever the case, it seems she's currently more concerned with rebuilding her public image than her marriage.

25. Politician Tweets

Politician Tweets
On Twitter, Jenelle sounds like she's planning a run for office. Our guess is that life after Teen Mom proved harder than she expected, and she'll do anything to get back on the show -- including dump David.

26. More to Come ...

More to Come ...
In any event, you can be sure there will be more drama on The Land in the days to come. And we'll keep you updated on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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