Jenelle Evans: Nathan Griffith is a Deadbeat Dad With a Loser Girlfriend!

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Jenelle Evans would easily take the title of worst parent in the history of reality television -- were it not for the fact that she chooses baby daddies who are just as bad.

It can't be easy for Evans to find partners who are as angry and negligent as she is, but the girl's redneck radar is finely tuned, and in a crowd of strange men, she can easily pick out the one who's had CPS called to his home on multiple occasions.

That's how she ended up with David Eason -- and prior to that unholy union, it's how she got pregnant by Nathan Griffith.

These days, Jenelle and Nathan are locked in a bitter custody battle, and while he's making his case to a judge, she's taking her evidence straight to the court of public opinion.

And like all situations involving Jenelle, this thing is getting ugly in a hurry ...

1. Better Days

Better Days
It wasn't all that long ago that Jenelle and Nathan were engaged with a baby on the way. Oh, how times have changed.

2. The War For Kaiser

The War For Kaiser
These days, Jenelle and Nathan are constantly locking horns over their 4-year-old son, Kaiser. They currently share custody, but Nathan is trying to have Jenelle stripped of all custody rights.

3. Nate the Dad

Nate the Dad
In addition to Kaiser, Nathan has a daughter named Emery from a previous relationship. He doesn't appear to have had any co-parenting issues on that front.

4. Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages
Trying to have it both ways, the 25-year old Terror of Oak Island has publicly berated Nathan both for trying to spend too much time with Kaiser ... and for skipping the scheduled visits he has.

5. Today's Tactic

Today's Tactic
This week, it's the latter. Jenelle took to Twitter to claim that Nathan skipped scheduled visits with both of his kids (he has a daughter from a previous relationship) so that he could "party" instead.

6. The Allegation

The Allegation
"Skipped a weekend with both your kids to party again. At this point what do you tell your child?" Jenelle wrote in a now-deleted tweet. Needless to say, her accusation didn't sit well with Team Nathan ...

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