Farrah Abraham Announces New Career Plan: I'm Gonna Work Out in Lingerie For Camgirl Ca$h!

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It's been about nine months since Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom: OG, and we're gonna go ahead and admit it -- we miss her.

Sure, she's a negligent mom, a reckless rage-a-holic, and possibly the most shameless opportunist in the history of reality television (which is really saying something), but damn if the girl's not entertaining.

Fortunately, Farrah has found various ways to remain semi-relevant in the months since she was unceremoniously kicked to the curb by MTV.

These days Farrah is focused on her "celebrity boxing" career, and she's now found a way to combine that venture with her other great passion -- removing her clothes for money.

Like we said, the mother of one has a way of keeping things interesting, and she's really been outdoing herself in recent weeks ...


1. The Boxer

The Boxer
Farrah announced her intention to step in the ring before she even found an opponent. In fact, it was only recently that she secured a bout with a D-lister who's as desperate as she is.

2. Farrah v LiLo?

Farrah v LiLo?
Ms. Abraham had high hopes for her fight, and her reps reportedly made offers to both Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

3. Grudge Match

Grudge Match
At one point, it was rumored that Farrah would square off with Drita D'Avanzo, the Mob Wives star whom she feuded with over the summer.

4. Hooping It Up

Hooping It Up
Eventually, Farrah was forced to settle for Flavor of Love star Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander, as more high-profile stars proved unwilling to step into the ring.

5. Synergy

Farrah, of course, never allows an opportunity to make a buck slip past her, so she's capitalizing on her long-awaited boxing debut by combining it with some of her other business ventures.

6. Knockout?

Yes, Farrah wants to do more than just leave her opponent breathless. She also wants the home audience knocked out by the racy, boxing-related content she's now offering up on her website.

7. Today's the Day!

Today's the Day!
Have you ever wanted to see Farrah performing calisthenics while in various states of undress? Well then, today's your lucky day!

8. The Announcement

The Announcement
Farrah recently took to her Facebook page with a major announcement that's sure to appeal to her perviest fans.

9. Is That How the Pros Do It?

Is That How the Pros Do It?
"This Wednesday Sept 5 7 pm, watch my boxing training routine in sexy lingerie," Farrah posted on Facebook.

10. The Goods

The Goods
She followed that up with a link to her Camsoda page, where users can presumably pay for the privilege of seeing Farrah jiggle and strut.

11. A Proud Parntership

A Proud Parntership
Farrah has been working with Camsoda since 2017, and the partnership has seen its fair share of ups and downs.

12. Kicked to the Curb

Kicked to the Curb
When Farrah was fired from Teen Mom OG, producers cited her refusal to stop performing in online streaming sex shows as one of their reasons.

13. Scamsoda

Farrah blasted the company in October of 2017, alleging that they reneged on an offer to donate proceeds from a live anal sex-themed event to charity. In one of her more clever moments, Farrah referred to the organization as "Scamsoda."

14. Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge
These days, it seems Farrah and Camsoda have patched up their differences and resumed their lucrative partnership.

15. Perfect Timing!

Perfect Timing!
We're sure that has more than a little to do with the fact that Farrah recently lost her primary source of income.

16. The Professional

The Professional
Say what you will about the woman, however, Farrah is nothing if not creative in her business ventures.

17. The Latest

The Latest
Boxing, of course, is Farrah's newest venture, and it remains to be seen if it'll prove lucrative.

18. Title Fight

Title Fight
Farrah will square off with "Hoopz" in Atlantic City on November 10. The fight will reportedly be broadcast via pay-per-view.

19. The Money Team

The Money Team
Farrah has been comparing herself to Floyd "Money" Mayweather recently, and while she won't be as skilled in the ring, she'd probably be very happy to pull in even a tenth of the champ's earnings. Good luck with that one, Farrah!

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