Jenelle Evans: CPS Has Been Called To My House 20 TIMES!

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Jenelle Evans was never anyone's idea of the perfect mother, but this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 stunned viewers with the revelation of just how many times Jenelle's parenting has been called into question by law enforcement.

A visit from the local sheriff's department prompted Jenelle to remark that Child Protective Services has been called to her home no less than twenty times!

Fans were floored, and many took to social media to demand that Evans' children be removed from her home pending further investigation.

But if you think Jenelle will be giving up custody without a fight, you don't know the Carolina Hurricane ...

1. Another Day at Evans Manor

Another Day at Evans Manor
In the episode's most memorable scene, a TM2 producer alerts Jenelle to the fact that a sheriff is knocking at her door. Evans is remarkably unfazed by this news.

2. Taking a Chill Pill?

Taking a Chill Pill?
Jenelle gets angry about pretty much everything, and yet the visit from law enforcement seemed to have no effect on her whatsoever. Fans have several theories as to why that might be.

3. Drugs or Drama?

Drugs or Drama?
Are all those pill bottles an indicator that Jenelle is taking something for her agitation? Or has she finally become immune to the constant drama in her life?

4. Still Stonewalling

Still Stonewalling
But just because she's able to remain calm, that doesn't mean Jenelle is happy about the situation. In fact, she flat-out refuses to answer the door.

5. David to the Rescue

David to the Rescue
Her husband, David Eason, answers instead, tells the sheriff to kick rocks, and remarkably, it works. But that's when the real drama begins.

6. Angry Dave

Angry Dave
“Let me get a hold of Nathan,” Eason fumed. “I’m gonna bust his motherf--ker‘s head open.”

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