Jenelle Evans to Nathan Griffith: You'll Never See Our Son Again EVER!

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It's hard to imagine how Jenelle Evans could possibly have time for all of her feuds.

She must wake up in the morning and immediately get to feuding.

She must cancel plans so that she can stay home and post Instagram videos defending David Eason for bullying 8-year-old girls on social media.

The whole thing would be impressive if it weren't an obvious indicator of dangerous psychosis.

The latest target of Jenelle's wrath is Nathan Griffith, the ex-fiancee with whom she's still locked in an ugly custody battle over son Kaiser.

Jenelle thought she finally had Nathan beat over the weekend, and we all got to watch as the hilarity unfolded.

1. Happier Times

Happier Times
Jenelle and Nathan didn't last very long as a couple, and thankfully, they never made it to the altar. But they're forever linked as a result of their 3-year-old son, Kaiser.

2. A Bitter Split

A Bitter Split
The breakup between Jenelle and Nathan was an ugly one, and the two of them have proven chronically inept when it comes to working out a civil co-parenting relationship for the sake of their son.

3. Simultaneous Battles

Simultaneous Battles
Currently, Jenelle is waging a war on two fronts: She's fighting her mother for custody of her oldest son, Jace, and she's fighting Nathan for custody of Kaiser. Neither battle is going in her favor.

4. The Upper Hand

The Upper Hand
Conventional wisdom as of late has been that Nathan is certain to emerge victorious thanks to Jenelle's controversial marriage to David Eason and her increasingly erratic behavior. Perhaps that's why Evans attempted to sieze an opportunity this week.

5. Crashing the Party

Crashing the Party
Over the weekend, Nathan helped celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt. He also had custody of Kaiser, so when Jenelle saw party pics on Instagram, she flipped.

6. Jumping to Conclusions

Jumping to Conclusions
Jenelle decided to interrupt the celebration by contacting David and his mother, Doris Davidson, in order to check on Kaiser's safety and ensure that Davidson was supervising the visit. Of course, many believe Evans had an ulterior motive...

7. The Real Objective

The Real Objective
There are those who believe that Jenelle was less concerned with Kaiser's safety than with attempting to catch Nathan being negligent so that she might finally have something to use against him in court.

8. The Big Guns

The Big Guns
Jenelle even got her husband, David Eason, involved. “She texted his mom and her husband David texted Nathan Sunday morning,” says the source.

9. A Strange Choice

A Strange Choice
David once unleashed an unprovoked homophobic tirade against Nathan, so it seems strange that Jenelle would choose to have her husband contact her ex. Then again, everything she does seems strange to us.

10. False Alarm

False Alarm
It turns out Jenelle's concerns were unfounded, as Kaiser was safely in the care of his grandmother during the party. “Nathan’s mom was with Kaiser. They stay with his mom when they are in town," the insider claims.

11. Still Not Satisfied

Still Not Satisfied
It seems Jenelle wasn't content to be reassured by Nathan's mother, and she actually forced Davidson to awaken a sleeping Kaiser so that she speak with him.

12. The Ever-Unstable Ms. Evans

The Ever-Unstable Ms. Evans
Needless to say, Jenelle's demands didn't sit well with her ex and his mother. "It’s just sad that they were forced to wake up just so she could hear his voice because she didn’t believe he was there,” says the insider. “Where else would he be?”

13. Nice Try, Jenelle

Nice Try, Jenelle
Those familiar with the situation say the most shocking part is that Jenelle knows full well that Nathan and Doris would never violate her strictly-enforced guidelines.

14. Jenelle's Game

Jenelle's Game
“Nathan and his mom always play by the rules because they know how she is,” the source said. “It’s her way of controlling Nathan.”

15. A Hail Mary?

A Hail Mary?
It's not hard to see why so many are under the impression that Jenelle's main goal was to catch Nathen being negligent so that she might have something to present to the judge in her custody case.

16. Sweating It Out?

Sweating It Out?
After all, it's not as though Nathan's side is lacking in evidence that Jenelle is an unfit mother. In fact, given all the wild behavior she's engaged in on camera over the years, they might have a hard time narrowing it down.

17. Another Reason?

Another Reason?
Of course, Jenelle might have been motivated by simple jealousy. Those who know Evans best say she's particularly hard on Nathan whenever he seems happy in a relationship.

18. Jealous Jenelle

Jealous Jenelle
“Anytime Ashley is around Kaiser there is an issue,” the source said, adding that Lanhardt is "afraid" to appear in social media photos with Kaiser for fear of what Jenelle might do. Whatever Evans' reasoning, of course, one thing is abundantly clear...

19. The Battle Has Just Begun

The Battle Has Just Begun
This custody battle could rage on for the next decade, or even longer. And sadly no one stands to suffer quite like little Kaiser.

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