Javi Marroquin Called the Cops After Lauren Comeau Caught Him Cheating! [UPDATED]

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25. Forever a Mystery?

Forever a Mystery?
For now, no one knows. Or at least they're not saying. We may never find out the identity of Javi's cheating partner, but our source assures he did, indeed, cheat.

26. Does It Matter?

Does It Matter?
In all likelihood, he hooked up with some rando he met at his Crossfit gym. And if you're Lauren, is the identity of his side-piece really all that important? Seems like she already has all the information she needs, but stay tuned. We guarantee we haven't heard the last of this and that Javi should be going ballistic any second.

27. [UPDATE] There He Goes! Right on Cue!

[UPDATE] There He Goes! Right on Cue!
It took all of 10 minutes before Javi Marroquin blew up Kailyn Lowry's phone and accused her of leaking this story - according to her. And hey, since she's already being accused of something, what's to stop her from holding back what she knows, if she in fact knows something?

28. Not Yet ... But I OWN You, B

Not Yet ... But I OWN You, B
Kail then posted two amazings dig on Twitter, saying that she'll refrain from airing Javi's dirty laundry, you know, like HE did during their breakup and divorce ... and that anyway, KARMA is a bitch but she will let "her" do the talking. Savage.

29. Bus. Ted.

Bus. Ted.
Just a few open-ended questions for discussion after reading between the lines here: 1. Would Javi be going ballistic over this and coming at Kail if it weren't true? 2. Is it implicit in Kail's non-denial comments that she could, in fact, air plenty of his dirty laundry? Just saying.

30. [UPDATE AGAIN] It Continues!!

[UPDATE AGAIN] It Continues!!
In her latest Twitter bombshell, Kailyn takes another dig at the fact that Javi supposedly blames her for this, implying that she was personally called in to help resolve this situation between himself and Lauren initially. Wild.

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