Javi Marroquin 911 Call Revealed: I Have a Gun But She Won't Leave My House! [UPDATED]

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Looks like it was a busy weekend for Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau!

And unfortunately, we don't mean that in a good way.

Nope, Javi and Lauren actually had a very, very bad time this weekend.

According to a shocking new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the whole thing bad enough that the police got involved.

Sounds like Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans aren't the only Teen Mom stars who can throw down!

Take a look at what happened ...

[UPDATE: We have now have audio of Javi's 911 call. And it seems to suggest that there's much more to this story than we initially thought. Jump into the slideshow below to try and sort this mess out.]

1. Ah, the Memories ...

Ah, the Memories ...
Remember last month when Javi and Lauren went on that big fancy vacation in Mexico looking hot AF and absolutely would not stop posting selfies and videos where they were all sexy and loved up?

2. Very Interesting

Very Interesting
And remember how back in June - just a couple of months ago now - Kailyn Lowry's former husband got engaged to his longtime girlfriend and the two of them were just absolutely gushing over each other?

3. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Friends, it's starting to look like all of that was all a cash grab ... sorry, we mean a facade. A smokescreen if you will. A front to cover up the deep, deep dysfunction that was going on in their home.

4. But Wait

But Wait
"Hold up," you may be thinking. "Come on, THG. We know you're a celebrity gossip site, but check yourself a bit. Surely this isn't THAT dramatic. We're talking about Javi Marroquin here, not Amber Portwood."

5. Wow

Well, we'd say you might have a point, but we'd also tell you to go ahead and tell that to Marroquin's local police department. Because they got involved personally. We're not making this up.

6. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
After what went down over the weekend, those cops are pretty familiar with Javi, who has a baby with both Lowry and Comeau.

7. The Details

The Details
According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup - not a site known for exaggerating or posting unsubstantiated gossip, FWIW - something happened at Javi and Lauren's home over the weekend while they were hosting a get-together with some friends.

8. A Mystery

A Mystery
It's still unclear what happened to, or between, the couple them off, but they got into a fight, and it was scary - things got so nasty that the police were called to the scene.

9. Did Things Get Physical?

Did Things Get Physical?
Don't worry, there were no guns (sorry Jenelle) machetes (sorry Amber) or even fists (sorry Jenelle and Amber) in this altercation - the report says that the fight was only verbal. Ugly, but verbal.

10. Still ...

Still ...
If they were fighting badly enough with just their words for police to get involved, it really must have been one terrible argument, right? Someone has to pick up a phone and call the cops, after all.

11. Anything Else?

Anything Else?
No one was arrested, so if you've got your hopes up for a Javi Marroquin mug shot or Lauren Comeau booking photo, well, sorry about that letdown.

12. However

But there's still plenty of drama to consider, especially given that the couple just got engaged and has been clearly trying to portray themselves as the pinnacle of happiness.

13. A Breakup?

A Breakup?
Obviously, no one has said anything about this publicly. But as of now, they aren't following each other on Instagram, which we all know is a very bad sign.

14. Bye Bye, Javi

Bye Bye, Javi
Lauren has even deleted most of her photos of Javi - there are a few from when her first child (his second) Eli was born, and a couple of recent ones with friends and family, but gone are the sweet couple-y photos she used to have in her feed. That cannot be a good sign.

15. Right, Right

Right, Right
To the surprise of no one, a source told The Ashley that “They fight constantly, but this one was really bad. Something major went down.”

16. Aww, Man

Aww, Man
But MTV wasn't filming with Javi at the time, so we're only going to learn more details if Javi or Lauren share them. Or The Ashley, of course. Come on, Ashley. Do it for the commoners!

17. Seems Promising

Seems Promising
However, considering how often Javi gives interviews and statements, we probably won't have to wait too long before we hear more about what went down. Hey, that Crossfit gym has to be expensive to run. Dude's gonna need some quick cash and an ego-stroking sooner rather than later.

18. What Now?

What Now?
So are they broken up? Separated? Will they be back together by the end of the week and start pretending like this never happened? (Our guess is the latter, but with a low degree of confidence.)

19. Time to Wait

Time to Wait
At this point, things could go either way ... but man, what a mess it is right now, huh? It's almost like you can't believe what Javi tries to make you believe about his image. Rough.

20. [UPDATE] The Plot Thickens

In the aftermath of the initial reports, police in Dover, Delaware have now released the audio of Javi's 911 call. And it contains some plot twists that no one saw coming.

21. Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry
"I’m trying to get someone out of my house ... I’m trying to go to sleep, but they won’t leave," Marroquin tells the dispatcher. Asked for the identity of the unwanted guest, Javi (who identifies himself by his legal name of Jose) reveals that it's his 31-year-old sister, Lidia.

22. What a Twist

What a Twist
It's an unexpected turn of events, as it had been widely assumed that Javi called the cops on Lauren Comeau, or because of an altercation that the couple had.

23. Face-to-Face

“She’s right in front of me,” he responds when asked where his sister is located.

24. Just the One Gun

Just the One Gun
Javi admits to the dispatcher that he has a revolver in the house, but says the other party does not have access to any weapons. (Thank goodness.)

25. Didn't See This One Coming

Didn't See This One Coming
The news that Javi called the cops on his sister and not his fiancee is sure to come as a shock to many fans. However, that doesn't mean all is well between the couple.

26. The Sad Truth

The Sad Truth
Still, insiders confirm Lauren was involved in some way with the messy events of that night, and she and Javi are no longer together. We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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