Dancing With the Stars Season 28: All the Celebrity Scandals!

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The Dancing With the Stars Season 28 cast has been announced -- and let's just say more than a handful of them have courted controversy in the past. 

With controversy comes secrets. 

The Hollywood Gossip is here to tell you everything there is to know about these new cast members. 

Dancing With the Stars returns Monday, September 16 at 8/7c. 

1. Karamo Brown Had a Rough Childhood

Karamo Brown Had a Rough Childhood
This Queer Eye star had a rough childhood. He grew up in an abusive household thanks to his alcoholic father. He started smoking weed at just 16 after stealing it from his father.

2. It Got Real Dark

It Got Real Dark
Karamo followed that up with alcohol when he went to college, before turning drugs like ecstasy and cocaine when he moved to Los Angeles.

3. And Worse

And Worse
“Soon enough, one ecstasy pill wasn’t enough," the reality star wrote in his book, My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing and Hope.

"I had to do two or three to get the same feeling I got the first time on one pill. If I was going to keep up with my friends, I needed more.”

4. He Attempted Suicide

He Attempted Suicide
“I was depressed and having suicidal ideations. I wanted to die. I couldn’t see a point in living," he explained.

"I was unhappy with traveling; my relationship with my father was done; I had lost my boyfriend. My family was mad at me because I was using drugs openly. I was lonely and alone. Life seemed like it was over. So I attempted to kill myself.”

5. Hannah Brown Has a Past

Hannah Brown Has a Past
Hannah is coming off a controversial turn as ABC's The Bachelorette. She chose Jedd Wyatt in the season finale -- That did not work out. For one, Jedd had a girlfriend.

6. Was Hannah Used to Advance Jedd's Music Career?

Was Hannah Used to Advance Jedd's Music Career?
Hannah was stunned to learn that Jedd's relationship with his ex was more serious than she was being led to believe. His ex-girlfriend even claimed that she was using the ABC dating series to advance his career -- not his love life.

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