Herbert Wilkinson: Jenelle Evans' New Boyfriend Has Been Identified and He's Got ISSUES! [UPDATE: He's Worse Than We Thought!]

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Call him Herbert, or call him Herb ... or call him a 23-year-old hard-partying bro with a major celebrity fetish.

However you chose to refer to him, it seems Mr. Wilkinson's most significant title these days is "Jenelle Evans' latest soulmate."

Yes, just two months after filing for divorce from David Eason, Jenelle Evans has found herself a new man,

And sadly, it seems he has a lot in common with her previous baby daddies.

Jenelle definitely has a type -- unfortunately, that type is man-babies with arrest redords and sketchy pasts,

Here's everything we know about Herbie the Love Bug so far:

1. Mutual Admiration

Mutual Admiration
His name is Herb Wilkinson, and it looks like he recently entered a relationship with the newly-single Jenelle Evans. May God have mercy on his soul.

2. New Beginnings In Nashville

New Beginnings In Nashville
Sure, Jenelle wants us to think she's transformed into an entirely different person in the two months since she left David and moved to Nashville, but let's be realistic ...

3. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
For one thing, real, lasting change just doesn't happen that quickly. And on top of that, her latest "soulmate" has a LOT in common with her previous losers.

4. Jenelle Evans Reborn

Jenelle Evans Reborn
The rumblings about a new dude in Jenelle's life began soon after she moved to Nashville.

5. She Moves Fast

She Moves Fast
After all, this is not a woman who's ever been single for more than a few weeks in her adult life, and uprooting her kids so that she would have the freedom to explore a new relationship would be a very Jenelle move.

6. The Travis Factor

The Travis Factor
Jenelle vacationed in Nashville just a few weeks before her split from David, and at first, it was rumored that she was involved with Travis Tidwell, a musician whom she had met during her time in Music City.

7. She Knows What She Wants

She Knows What She Wants
But now, it seems Jenelle has found herself a man who's much more her type -- young, fond of partying, with a history of run-ins with the law.

8. Smokin' Herb

Smokin' Herb
Herb is a 23-year-old Boston native, and -- as first noticed by the "Hatter" community that closely monitors her activity -- Jenelle has made no effort to conceal the fact that she's head-over-heels for this guy.

9. Big-Time Smitten

Big-Time Smitten
Evans has gone all the way back to April and liked every single one of Herb's Instagram pics. Including the less flattering ones.

10. Reciprocation

And it seems he recently (finally) acknowledged the relationship by calling Evans "babe" in a video posted in his Instagram Story.

11. Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looks Can Be Deceiving
At 23, he might be a little young to be getting involved with a twice-divorced mother of three, but Herb looks like a nice enough guy, right?

12. A Familiar Pattern

A Familiar Pattern
Well, the Hatters did some digging, and it seems that despite his youth, Herb has a pretty long history of unsavory behavior.

13. Dewey Defeats Wilkinson

Dewey Defeats Wilkinson
For starters, it looks as though Herb as at least one DUI arrest under his belt. But hey, if that's the extent of his arrest record, he might be Jenelle's most law-abiding dude to date.

14. Fame Fetish

Fame Fetish
On top of his impaired driving, however, Herb might have Matt Baier-like tendencies. He seems to be of the opinion that famous women make the best romantic partners.

15. Not Sorry, Ari

Not Sorry, Ari
Ariana Grande, in particular, seems to have caught his eye.

16. Going Hard

Going Hard
Like, dude has been QUITE persistent in his pursuit of Ariana in recent years. A little weird.

17. Absentee Dad?

Absentee Dad?
On top of that, a woman who claims to be Herb's ex says she has a child with him. That's a little upsetting, as the kid appears nowhere on Wilkinson's Instagram page.

18. Speaking of Neglect ...

Speaking of Neglect ...
It seems that in recent weeks, Jenelle has made several trips to New Hampshire to spend time with Wilkinson. No word on who watches her kids during these booty treks.

19. Under the Magnifying Glass

Under the Magnifying Glass
Some of Jenelle's harshest online critics have accused Wilkinson of tweeting and deleting homophobic comments, but we haven't been able to corroborate those claims.

20. Putting It In Perspective

Putting It In Perspective
Based on what we know so far, it certainly seems that the dude has his issues. But he's still lightyears better than David freakin' Eason.

21. A Very Low Bar

A Very Low Bar
After all, as far as we know, Herb's not in the habit of executing small dogs simply because he's in a bad mood.

22. At Peace

At Peace
And it seems that Jenelle is so content with Herb that she's nearly on the verge of forgiving David. She's been posting annoying Facebook memes about her newfound inner peace.

23. What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds
The jury is still out on Herb, but hopefully, he's aware that dating Jenelle will bring him infamy, but not mainstream fame, as she's no longer on MTV.

24. Looking on the Bright Side

Looking on the Bright Side
But hey, if he makes Jenelle happy to the point that she's finally able to offer a stable environment to her kids, so be it.

25. Going There

Going There
And hey, we all know how happy herbs have made her in the past. Sorry, we couldn't resist!

26. UPDATE: This Guy Is the Worst

UPDATE: This Guy Is the Worst
The Hatters have been tirelessly digging up dirt on Herbert ever since word of his relationship with Jenelle went public. One of the most damaging tidbits is this anti-Jenelle tirade he tweeted out in 2017.

27. Yikes

As you can see, Herb really goes off on Jenelle, calling her a "gross c--t" and a "useless human" who should've "be [sic] aborted."

28. The Proof

Obviously, it's possible that there's more than one Herb Wilkinson on Twitter, but how many of them are in the habit of using the phrase "strikingly ugly" during their hateful tirades? Here's Herb doing exactly that in a video he posted about actress Shelley Duvall. What a guy.

29. He Gets Worse and Worse

He Gets Worse and Worse
Like David before him, Herb is majorly homophobic and regularly uses the word "gay" as an insult.

30. Just Awful

Just Awful
It's actually something he does quite a bit. Disgusting.

31. Get Out While You Can

Get Out While You Can
It's clear Jenelle has found herself another winner. It's also clear she should run like hell while she still can.

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