Jenelle Evans Divorces David Eason: What's Really Going On Here?

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As you've probably heard by now, Jenelle Evans has filed for divorce from David Eason.

Evans broke the news yesterday, and since she's always got an angle, the public promptly set about the business of figuring out her latest scheme.

Even if she's telling the truth, some fans figured, you can be sure she's not getting divorced for the right reasons.

It's not to protect her kids, they speculated, but to protect her bank account.

Frankly, there's a lot to support that theory.

But some of the remarks online have been harsh even by Jenelle standards, and some of the hypotheses about the reasoning behind the split are truly bonkers.

So we sifted through the BS to try to bring you what appears to be the truth of this situation.

Take a look at the latest in this still-developing story:

1. The Not-So-Happy Couple

The Not-So-Happy Couple
After just two years of marriage, Jenelle and David announced on Thursday that they're calling it quits.

2. Always Predictable

Always Predictable
The timing of the split didn't come as much of a surprise, as many fans predicted the Easons' marriage would fall apart once the money dried up

3. Lying Again?

Lying Again?
Of course, Evans has cried wolf on so many occasions that some fans are having trouble believing her this time.

4. Sadly ...

Sadly ...
And yes, it's entirely possible she's misleading the public. We'll present the facts of the situation so that you can decide for yourself if Evans is to be believed here ...

5. Coming Clean?

Coming Clean?
“I’ve mostly kept off social media the past few days because I’ve been focused on making some big life decisions,” Jenelle began her announcement.

6. Was It EVER Pretty?!

Was It EVER Pretty?!
“I’ve lived my life on camera since I was 17 years old. And a lot of it hasn’t been pretty," she continued. "But it’s been my life."

7. Think of the Children

Think of the Children
"Like anyone else, I want what’s best for my kids and I want to be happy," Jenelle went on. "With time away from Teen Mom I’ve started to look at my life differently and I know I need to make changes. I’m starting that now.”

8. Page Two

Page Two
From there, Evans revealed that she and her children have “moved away from David.”

9. On the DL

On the DL
However, she didn't mention that she's moved out of state, which is reportedly the case. Smart move.

10. The Process Begins

The Process Begins
“Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids,” she continued. “Today I’ve filed papers to start that process.”

11. And So Do the Lies

And So Do the Lies
Despite that claim, Columbus County Clerk of Court confirmed to Radar that Evans has not filed for divorce yet.

12. A Message of Gratitude

A Message of Gratitude
“I appreciate the support from everybody who has asked how I am. Me and the kids are doing great. We need some time to be together. But you’ll hear from us again soon," Evans concluded her message.

13. Why Now?

Why Now?
David has given Jenelle so, so many reasons to run for the hills over the years, including the countless times he allegedly abused her.

14. The Worst

The Worst
Many thought she would pull the plug on their marriage after David beat, shot, and killed Jenelle's puppy, Nugget (while the children were at home) during one of his infamous fits of rage.

15. He's a Real Stable Genius

He's a Real Stable Genius
The killing cost Evans her job on Teen Mom 2. It also prompted a CPS investigation that caused her to lose custody of her kids.

16. Money Talks

Money Talks
While Jenelle chose to stick by David's side -- and help him hide his crime from police -- the dog-slaying led to money problems which eventually led to the end of their marriage.

17. Lack of Cash

Lack of Cash
“She’s running out of money,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

18. Dead Weight

Dead Weight
“It went off like a lightbulb in her head. ‘I have this husband that doesn’t work? What in the hell am I going to do?’” the insider says.

19. A Business Decision

A Business Decision
“So, she decided to end the marriage before it is too late. There is no money left and she wants to make money again," the informant continues.

20. Running Out of Options

Running Out of Options
Yes, Jenelle reportedly thought that even after getting fired from Teen Mom 2, she would still have several revenue streams available to her. But those dried up in a hurry.

21. Domino Effect

Domino Effect
Her makeup line, JE Cosmetics, turned out to be a total bust. There was a time when she was able to make money by posting sponsored content on social media, but these days, no advertiser will go near her.

22. Plotting Her Return?

Plotting Her Return?
“The money has run out, no networks will work with Jenelle and every time she gets a small online promo deal, it gets ruined by her haters,” a source close to the situation tells The Ashley's Reality Roundup. “She knows she has no other options in terms of making money other than getting back on the show.”

23. Crazy Enough to Work

Crazy Enough to Work
Believe it or not, Jenelle might be able to get re-hired by MTV. The source says producers have “no problem with filming Jenelle again, if David is out of the picture.”

24. Dollar-Sign Eyes

Dollar-Sign Eyes
Evans met with producers in New York last week, and apparently, when she found out that David is the only thing preventing her from getting her job back, she was quick to take steps toward ending her marriage.

25. City of Dreams

City of Dreams
“When Jenelle went to New York, she knew she was filing for divorce but David had no clue,” the source says. “While she was up there, she took care of some of the legal stuff. She was originally going to file a totally different lawsuit against someone else, but now she’s focusing on the separation.”

26. All For Show?

All For Show?
This has led to reports -- like this one, from the Crazy Days and Nights blog -- that Jenelle and David are merely pretending to get divorced. But those who know the couple best say the split is the real deal.

27. Back To His Old Ways

Back To His Old Ways
“David and Jenelle had been fighting constantly over the past few weeks. David had been being decent since the kids came back but now he’s back to his usual self, treating her bad, now that the dust has settled from the custody case,” the Ashley's source said.

28. Controlling Douche

Controlling Douche
“When Jenelle got the call from [MTV] to come to New York for a meeting, she was thrilled and wanted to go but David didn’t want her to, since MTV would not allow him to film with Jenelle even if Jenelle came back to the show,” the insider added.

29. A Daring Escape

A Daring Escape
“So Jenelle basically waited until David was sleeping and essentially snuck off to catch the plane," the source continued.

30. Bonus

So it sounds like Jenelle really did want to leave David, and getting her job back is just a nice little bonus.

31. Angry Dave

Angry Dave
Insiders say David currently has no idea where Jenelle is -- and it seems he's not too happy about it. Hopefully, she'll stay missing for now.

32. More to Come ...

More to Come ...
We'll continue to monitor this situation and keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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