The Duggar Family: Here's Why 2019 Was Our Wildest Year Yet!

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If you follow the them on social media, then we probably don't need to tell you that 2019 was a very big year for the Duggars.

For one thing, it was the year of the great Duggar baby boom, which resulted in five new Duggars entering the world (with more to come)!

Next to attending church services, nothing gets the Duggars as excited as procreation, so Jim Bob and Michelle basically spent the past 12 months in a constant state of giddy joy.

Of course, the year was not an entirely joyous one, as the family suffered its fair share of loss, as well.

From miscarriages to tragic deaths, 2019 presented the Duggars with seemingly endless challenges, and some were siblings better were able to bear the burden than others.

All-in-all it was a year that none of them will soon forget.

So join as we recap the dizzying highs and devastating lows of the family's most memorable year to date:

1. Bumps Abound

Bumps Abound
2019 was a banner year for the Duggar clan. No fewer than seven Duggar women became pregnant over the past 12 months, marking the family's biggest period of growth to date.

2. Three For Jessa

Three For Jessa
First up was Jessa, who welcomed her third child -- a daughter named Ivy -- back in March.

3. A Painful Experience

A Painful Experience
On a recent episode of Counting On, Jessa gave birth at home and the whole ordeal was documented in graphic detail. The scenes received a ... mixed response from fans.

4. Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished
Jessa completed her home birth as planned, but she was later rushed to the hospital to be treated for excessive bleeding. These days, both mom and daughter are happy and healthy.

5. Amy Joins the Club

Amy Joins the Club
Next up was rebellious cousin Amy Duggar, who became a mother in October.

6. Lil Dax

Lil Dax
Amy and husband Dillon King welcomed a baby boy named Daxton into the world. Maybe NOW she can finally earn the approval of baby-obsessed Uncle Jim Bob!

7. A Girl For Joe and Kendra!

A Girl For Joe and Kendra!
After that, it was Kendra Caldwell's turn in the stirrups. The wife of Joesph Duggar welcomed her second child, a daughter named Addison Renee.

8. The Big Announcement

The Big Announcement
"[Addison] made a quick arrival in the early hours of the morning and has already melted our hearts," the couple wrote on Instagram. "We know Garrett is going to be a great big brother. Children are each a special gift from God and we are so happy our newest blessing is here,"

9. All Worth It!

All Worth It!
Kendra also experienced a complicated delivery. She later revealed that she took castor oil to induce labor and experienced severe dehydration and vomiting as a result.

10. A Heartbreaking Loss

A Heartbreaking Loss
Unfortunately, some Duggar pregnancies were far more complicated. Josiah's wife, Lauren Swanson, suffered a miscarriage in November of 2018.

11. Rainbow Baby

Rainbow Baby
Fortunately, this sad story has a happy ending. Lauren and Josiah welcomed their first child, a girl named Bella Milagro, just one year after her miscarriage.

12. Another Hard Labor

Another Hard Labor
"After a long and difficult labor, our girl arrived,” the couple told Us Weekly in November. “When we finally got to see and hold our precious Bella Milagro all the pain instantly went away. We can’t believe she is ours — she is so perfect!”

13. United By Suffering

United By Suffering
Unfortunately, Lauren was not alone in her grief. Joy-Anna Duggar also suffered a miscarriage, and the sisters-in-law say they helped each other through some very hard nights.

14. More to Come!

More to Come!
In August, John David Duggar and new wife Abbie Burnett confirmed that they're expecting their first child.

15. Exciting Times

Exciting Times
Rumors that the newlyweds are expecting have been circulating from the moment they said "I do." Their new arrival is expected in the spring of 2020.

16. Still At It

Still At It
In November, Josh Duggar's wife, Amy, welcomed her SIXTH child, a girl named Maryella.

17. Love For Anna

Love For Anna
Josh remains a highly controversial figure, but fans were quick to congratulate Anna on her latest bundle of joy.

18. A Moving Tribute

A Moving Tribute
Maryella is named after Josh's grandmother, Mary Duggar, who passed away unexpectedly in 2019.

19. Another Tragedy

Another Tragedy
The mother of Jim Bob Duggar lost her life in a drowning accident in September. The Duggars still have not offered any details about the incident.

20. Gone, But Not Forgotten

Gone, But Not Forgotten
"We wanted our daughter’s name to be a reminder of how special Grandma was and carry on her legacy, but without feeling like we were trying to replace her," Anna shared on Instagram. "Josh and I both fell in love with the name Maryella!

21. A Year of Loss

A Year of Loss
Sadly, Mary wasn't the only loved one the Duggars lost in 2019. Anna Duggar's sister-in-law, Rebecca Waller was killed in a car accident in October. She was just 22 years old.

22. Hard Times

Hard Times
Shortly after Rebecca's death, Ben Seewald revealed that his grandfather had passed away. Both he and Jessa revealed that they were very close to him.

23. Life Goes On

Life Goes On
But as it always does, life carried on, and this year, the Duggar family branched out like never before. Fans were stunned when the ever-rebellious Jinger Duggar moved to LA with her husband and daughter.

24. A Scandalous Decision

A Scandalous Decision
Insiders say Jim Bob and Michelle were so outraged that they didn't speak to Jinger and Jeremy for weeks. Fortunately, they eventually came to their senses and visited the Vuolos along with the rest of the family in October.

25. Bigger Fish to Fry

Bigger Fish to Fry
After all, the Duggars had larger issues to deal with following reports that a car dealership owned by Josh was raided by federal agents.

26. The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep
Officers from the Department of Homeland Security investigated the property, and the cause of the raid remains unknown. Thus far, no charges have been filed.

27. More Legal Trouble

More Legal Trouble
The end of the year also saw legal entanglements for Joy's husband, Austin Forsyth, who's being sued for $20,000 following allegations that he flipped a house with a faulty septic system. The matter will be decided in court in 2020.

28. A Rebellion From Within

But the conflict that has the potential to do the most damage to the Duggar clan in the year to come is surely that of Derick Dillard vs. Jim Bob.

29. Derick on the Warpath

Derick on the Warpath
Derick was fired from Counting On in 2017, and now he's threatening to sue TLC for wrongful termination, breach of contract, and withheld wages.

30. A Serious Allegation

A Serious Allegation
He also says Jim Bob pressured Jill and others to appear on camera against their will and then kept their earnings for himself.

31. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
This week, Derick alleged that he and Jill are no longer permitted in Jim Bob and Michelle's home.

32. Standing his Ground

It remains to be seen if and how this conflict will be settled, but it seems clear that Derick won't be backing down anytime soon.

33. Shining By Comparison

Shining By Comparison
Suddenly, poor, maligned Jana doesn't seem so bad for defying her parents by staying single!

34. 2020 Vision

It's anyone's guess what the year ahead holds in store for the Duggars, but one thing's for certain -- it won't be boring. Well ... at least not for the Duggars!

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