Remember That Time Farrah Abraham Threatened to MURDER a Reporter Who Called Her a Prostitute??

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It's a strange time to be a journalist in America.

Our fragmented culture coupled with the rise of "fake news" allegations from prominent public figures has led to a widespread wariness of the press and a tendency to seek information from increasingly segregated and impenetrable social media bubbles.

But it's not just the tiny Twitter fingers of our commander-in-chief that have vigilant reporters running scared.

They also have to worry about threats and calls to violence from far less powerful reality stars.

We're talking, obviously, about Farrah Abraham.

The Teen Mom legend recently threatened to straight-up murder a reporter after he leveled a very credible accusation that Abraham is a prostitute

First of all, there's no shame in sex work, folks.

Second, it's not exactly like the idea of Farrah dabbling in prostitution or offering her services to "sugar daddies" came out of nowhere.

Even if it had, there's no excuse. There is shame in threatening to kill someone because you don't like what they said on the internet.

Check it out:

1. Farrah on the Spot

Farrah on the Spot
Ever since she was fired from Teen Mom OG back in December of 2017 - and even back as far as mid-2014 - there have been many rumors about how Ms. Abraham is managing to support herself outside of the income she received from MTV. One of the most persistent is that she's working as a prostitute. Like an actual working escort.

2. Making It Work

Making It Work
Again, we're not here to shame Farrah for her choice of profession, if these stories are in fact the case. If anything, you have to respect - if not applaud - her for the ways in which she's made sex work for her in the past.

3. On Cam

On Cam
Besides her infamous adult movie, slash leaked sex tape that wasn't leaked and was definitely a porno despite her claims to the contrary (more on that in a moment), Farrah rakes in big bucks as a cam girl, even offering erotic couples counseling to those willing to shell out four figures for an hour of her services.

4. Dishonest Abraham

Dishonest Abraham
But while she claims to be a businesswoman and mogul who takes pride in the work she does, Farrah has come under fire for being dishonest about the nature of her career and shaming others who perform sex work.

5. Backdoor Shenanigans

Backdoor Shenanigans
Case in point - remember Farrah's porn? The in which she co-starred with porn star James Deen? The one that's still sold and marketed by a porn company to this day? Yeah, she claims that was an amateur "sex tape" that leaked without her knowledge or consent, even though it was very clearly a professional-grade, not-cheaply-produced adult film and her story about it "leaking" was debunked in about 24 hours.

6. Busted

In almost Trumpian fashion, Farrah refuses to back down or even just ignore these points, and has persisted in her efforts to claim she is not a porn star despite the fact that Deen has confirmed he was paid for his services, and Vivid Pictures even revealed the terms of her contract.

7. Not the Greatest Liar

Not the Greatest Liar
So we have established precedent in terms of Farrah's lack of credibility, and her misleading the public about being financially compensated for her sexual activities.

8. Still At It

Still At It
Is Farrah now being just as dishonest about her work as a prostitute? We can't say with absolute certainty, but this might be a case where the persistence of the rumor speaks for itself. Remember, this is a woman who has offered her services on Sugar Daddy websites and once said, in her own words, that she "dabbles in businessmen."

9. Debz Tells All

Debz Tells All
In fact, this summer, one of the people who seemed rather convinced that Farrah is making a living as a high-class escort is her own mother, Debra Danielsen.

10. Honest Question

Honest Question
“Honest question: Does it make you feel like you failed as a mom knowing Farrah is selling her body in foreign lands for money?" a commenter recently asked Debra on Instagram.

11. Honest Answer

Honest Answer
Seemingly confirming the rumors, Danielsen replied, “Not at all. God gave us each free will. I don’t do anything but what God puts in my heart. Love, empathy and wisdom are very important in life.”

12. Naked and Irate

Naked and Irate
So all signs point to prostitution. But you better not point that out the way Deb did, or you might face Farrah's violent wrath.

13. Simon Says

Simon Says
Another person who claims to have evidence that Farrah is selling her body is ex-boyfriend Simon Saran.

14. Shocking Allegation

Shocking Allegation
In a since-deleted tweet, Simon posted a screenshot of a DM conversation, in which a "reporter" he spoke with claims that Farrah is in the habit of leaving her daughter Sophia in a hotel room while she services wealthy men.

15. The Wrath of Farrah

The Wrath of Farrah
Not surprisingly, Farrah was not happy with her former lover's allegations, and she made her displeasure clear in her latest Instagram Story.

16. Misdirected Rage?

Misdirected Rage?
Interestingly, however, she chose not to target Simon, but instead focused her attention on the "reporter" who allegedly tipped him off.

17. On the Run?

On the Run?
Until this weekend, the guy went by @knewchu on Instagram, but he's now changed his name to @charles.j.smith.

18. Cause For Concern

Cause For Concern
He's making the same claim as Simon and Farrah, but Smith seems to have earned 100 percent of Farrah's rage.

19. Farrah's Threat

Farrah's Threat
As you can see, Farrah absolutely went OFF on Jackson in a rant that can STILL be viewed on her page.

20. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
"HERES THE TRUTH YOU HIDE BEHIND YOUR NOTHING REPORTER WRITER POSITION & lie because your a hater," Farrah wrote with her usual mix of all-caps insanity and nonsensical word salad.

21. The Truth

The Truth
"The truth is obvious your harassing my family, slandering, hurting my career & your getting a lawsuit," Abraham continued.

22. She's Not Happy

She's Not Happy
"Don't bring up my daughter and don't lie about me as a mother - your disgusting with your lies of prostitution - stay the f--k away from my life your caught," Farrah rambled on.

23. The Capper

The Capper
“@knewchu your (sic) dead if I ever see you," Abraham concluded.

24. Yeah, You Can't Do That

Yeah, You Can't Do That
Whatever righteous goodwill Farrah might have built up with the first half of her rant, she squandered at the end there.

25. Penalties Ahead

Penalties Ahead
Death threats are never anywhere close to okay, and while Instagram admins were slow to delete her post, you can bet Farrah will be suffering some major consequences in the very near future if this behavior pattern continues.

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