Jenelle Evans Gets New Dogs, Calls Maryssa's Mom a Junkie, Claims E! News Reporter Wants to Shoot Her & Dave

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Jenelle Evans will never be known as a gracious winner.

The disgraced reality star spent several weeks without her kids living under her roof because Child Protective Services determined that Evans and husband David Eason had created a dangerous living environment for these toddlers.

After numerous hearings and testimony by those close to the couple, Jenelle was finally awarded custody of these children once again in early July.

Did she learn any lessons after coming so close to losing them?

Has she been humbled by the process? Has she done any self-reflection about living with a man who (almost definitely) beat her this past fall and who (almost definitely) murdered her dog this spring?

Nope, nope and nope.

As you can see below, Evans is as feisty online and as bitter and angry and defensive as ever...

1. Reunited!

On July 3, a judge ordered two-year old Ensley and five-year old Kaiser to be returned to their biological mother.

2. It Had Been a Long and Winding Legal Road

It Had Been a Long and Winding Legal Road
Authorities took the children away after Eason confessed to killing his family's dog because it allegedly snapped at Ensley and the abundance of 911 calls - due to alleged domestic disputes and instances of violence - because too much for Child Protective Services to ignore. They had to actually do something.

3. Hooray for Me!

Hooray for Me!
“I am ecstatic to regain custody of my kids back! Throughout this long process and final decision, I am excited to be moving forward and continuing to show America I’m a good parent,” said Evans in a statement after she was awarded custody once again.

4. But the Claws Have Come Out

But the Claws Have Come Out
Evans has not settled into a quiet family life as a result of this decision. She's been as fiery as ever, talking trash to Amber Portwood,f for example, after that Teen Mom cast member got arrested for domestic assault.

5. She Also Hurled Shade at Nathan Griffith

She Also Hurled Shade at Nathan Griffith
Evans labeled her ex, and the father of little Kaiser, as "immature" not long after their son was returned to her care.

6. She Gave It To Farrah Abraham, Too

She Gave It To Farrah Abraham, Too
Farrah DID trash Jenelle as a motherhood "failure," prompting Evans to lash out at the ex-MTV personality in very personal fashion.

7. And Now?

And Now?
Jenelle has one E! reporter in her crosshairs, along with numerous critics in general.

8. WTF, E! News?!?

WTF, E! News?!?
Evans has since deleted this Tweet, but she responded with shock at something Morgan Stewart said on Nightly Pop over the weekend.

9. She Actually May Have Had a Point This Time

She Actually May Have Had a Point This Time
Along with labeling Jenelle a "piece of trash," Stewart said on air that she wanted to "shoot" Jenelle and David if the latter really did shoot and kill the family's bulldog earlier this year.

10. There's Plenty One Can Say About Evans and Eason...

There's Plenty One Can Say About Evans and Eason...
... and we mean PLENTY. They deserve it all. But we probably can and should refrain from talking about straight-up killing them.

11. The Wrath of Evans

The Wrath of Evans
When we say Jenelle was extraordinarily pissed at Morgan Stewart, we mean it. She even dug up an old scandal in order to denigrate the TV personality.

12. E! is, Yes, Fake News

E! is, Yes, Fake News
Evans continues to go off on the network via Twitter... but then got on a roll in regard to other critics as well.


This is quite the accusation to make against a state-run agency.

14. Suck On This, Trolls!

Suck On This, Trolls!
She's raising her kids around someone who broke her collarbone and murdered their dog, but hey... what do we know?

15. Stop Hurting My Family!

Stop Hurting My Family!
Jenelle swears that claims she ever said the dog-killing was a made-up story for PR purposes is pure BS.

16. She Also Wants You to Know That Pool Workouts are Great

She Also Wants You to Know That Pool Workouts are Great
Just as an FYI and everything.

17. That Famous Temper

That Famous Temper
Evans also went off on a fan who claimed to know the details of her custody hearing. And in the process, she revealed some new information to her followers.

18. Who Are These People?!

Who Are These People?!
For instance, not only does Jenelle have friends (Who knew?) some of them testified on her behalf!

19. Team Kai

Team Kai
It seems Kaiser's teachers also took the stand and informed the judge that they do not believe Evans is abusive or negligent in her parenting.

20. The Maryssa Angle

The Maryssa Angle
But the most interesting part of that comment has to do with David's 11-year-old daughter Maryssa. Jenelle and Maryssa's relationship was infamously tense BEFORE the custody battle, and it seems the situation has only gotten worse.

21. A New Low

A New Low
Publicly calling the girl's mother out for her struggles with addiction probably isn't gonna help repair that relationship. You might think that would be the worst thing Jenelle did this weekend ...

22. But Did We Mention That Jenelle and David Got New Dogs?

But Did We Mention That Jenelle and David Got New Dogs?
They really did, mere months after Eason killed their last one and days after they claimed they did not have any new dogs at their place.

23. Wait, WHAT?!?

Wait, WHAT?!?
It's digusting. It's appalling. It's scary. Jenelle just made the announcement over the weekend.

24. Watch This Video to See For Yourself...

Jenelle Evans and David Eason just got two new puppies, and pretty much literally everyone is mad about it.

25. ... and Then Join Us in Pleading with the Authorities:

... and Then Join Us in Pleading with the Authorities:
Get these dogs away from these animal abusers. NOW!

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