Farrah Abraham: Mother CONFIRMS She's a Prostitute?! [EXCLUSIVE]

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Farrah Abraham. She gets so much hate.

Really, just an unbelievable amount of it.

Piles and piles and more piles of it.

People have called her all sorts of awful names for years and years - mostly the generic mean ones like "bitch" or whatever.

Other times critics have called her a "hooker," which is easy to dismiss as yet another of those generic mean things to say.

Especially given her Backdoor Teen Mom stardom.

Except lately, there's been more evidence that when people call her this, they may just be making a statement of fact.

It's actually looking like it may just be the truth: Farrah is an actual hooker. Just ask her own mom, Debra Danielsen!

UPDATE: Since publication of this story, we've heard from sources claiming Abraham is indeed selling sex in Dubai.

One "buyer" is allegedly a former soccer player who she claims to be dating. We are trying to obtain more information.

Here's what we know right now.

1. So Fancy

So Fancy
So well know that Farrah likes to live luxuriously, right?

2. So. Much. Money.

So. Much. Money.
She spends crazy amounts of money on all sorts of things.

3. New Looks

New Looks
She's been getting all sorts of cosmetic procedures done, most recently some brand new butt injections to pump that thing up even more.

4. Oh Cool

Oh Cool
And just last week, she bought a brand new Porsche.

5. Slow Down, Girl

Slow Down, Girl
She also travels constantly -- in the last month, she's gone from L.A. to New York to Dubai, then back to L.A., then back to Dubai.

6. Curious ...

Curious ...
It's a lot for someone whose income is as unsteady as hers -- remember, she hasn't been making Teen Mom money in almost two years.

7. The Big Question

The Big Question
"But how does she afford to do any of this?" you may be wondering.

8. We'll Tell You

We'll Tell You
The answer is actually pretty complicated.

9. Gross

One important fact is that, whether you love her or hate or, whether she's currently on TV or not, she's still a celebrity. People are still interested in her, so she can make money doing all sorts of stuff.

10. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
Just earlier this year, she appeared on another MTV show, Ex on the Beach, and she surely made a pretty penny there.

11. Getting It Done

Likewise, she gets paid for interviews and appearances, as well as any promotions she does on social media. If you follow her on Instagram, you'd see that she's been promoting the heck out of a fashion brand lately.

12. Making Money

Making Money
And then you have to remember that she still does her camgirl stuff, and there's definitely some money there.

13. Ouch

But on the flip side, she has a lot of unusual expenses, too, like all the court costs for things like her hotel arrest last year.

14. So Much Failing

So Much Failing
In the past year, she was sued twice -- once for flaking on that celebrity boxing match and once for failing to pay the rent on those business she opened in Texas a few years ago.

15. Odd ...

Odd ...
So there's a considerable amount of money coming on, but also so, so much going out.

16. We Want the Truth!

We Want the Truth!
What's the secret here? How can she afford to support Sophia and take her all around the world with her, to hop from expensive resort to expensive resort all the time?

17. Oh

The answer, according to many, many people who keep up with Farrah, just may be prostitution.

18. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
And sure, maybe it sounds crazy, but there's actually some stuff to back that up.

19. Phoebe!

One piece of evidence comes from Phoebe Price, a former friend of Farrah's, who claimed last year that "She's a high-class hooker. She meets men on very exclusive websites, and one guy she went to meet in Dubai."

20. Tell It, Phoebe

Phoebe repeated the same thing in an Instagram video -- there, she called Farrah a “hooker who has to go to Dubai.”

21. Digging Deep!

And all the way back in 2013, Myla Sinanaj, best known as former girlfriend of Kris Humphries (LOL), said in an interview that “Farrah told me that she met a guy on a sugar daddy website."

22. Bills, Bills, Bills

She said that those men had been paying for Farrah to go on vacations and to go shopping, and that "She makes all of her money off of [nightclub] bookings and her sugar daddy website. She’s doing anything she can. She’s desperate."

23. Whoa

And in 2016, Farrah herself said that she'd been offered $20,000 for sex before, and she said she'd "show up one night and, like get f---ing backdoor'd or whatever you want and then 'peace!'"

24. It Doesn't Stop

It Doesn't Stop
There have been rumors about Farrah escorting for years, and on top of all the evidence we just mentioned, there have been "confirmed" blind items, rumors that not only is she an escort, but that when she was with Simon Saran, he was actually her pimp ... just so much stuff.

25. The Latest

The Latest
But after all this time and all these rumors, do we finally have definitive proof that Farrah truly is a prostitute?

26. YUP

Sure looks like it!

27. Dang It, Deb!

Dang It, Deb!
Earlier this week, Debra Danielsen, Farrah's mother, shared a video of Sophia getting a new pair of sneakers. Totally innocent, right?

28. Asking the Tough Questions

Asking the Tough Questions
In the comments, someone wrote "Honest question: does it make you feel like you failed as a mom knowing Farrah is selling her body in foreign lands for $$?"

29. And There It Is

And There It Is
Debra responded with "Not at all. God gave each of us free will. I don't do anything but what God puts in my heart. Love, empathy, and wisdom are very important in life."

30. Bombshell

So that definitely sounds like Debra admitting that Farrah is an escort, right?

31. Too Bad

Too Bad
It looks like she's deleted the comment, so maybe she realized what she said, or maybe Farrah got onto her about it, but either way, the internet doesn't forget.

32. Man Oh Man

Man Oh Man
So, uh ... how's that prostitution going, Farrah?

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