Farrah Abraham "Dabbles" With Businessmen, May Actually Be a Prostitute

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We're going to go ahead and stop saying that Farrah Abraham has hit a new low, because every time we do, we learn exactly how wrong we were.

With each passing day, the delusional and incomprehensible Teen Mom alum continues to impress slash baffle us with the things she will say and do.

Asked in a recent interview what she does in her spare time, Farrah described (we kid you not) her typical night out as “dabbling” with businessmen.

Farrah A.

"I say go where the getting is good. I’m not going to find such marriage material at a club. I do dabble with, like, some businessmen that I do meet," she says.

Amazingly, this is not even the first time we've reported that Farrah Abraham is gold digger trolling for sugar daddies, but it's the first time she's admitted it.

So casually, too, maybe because that cat is out of the bag and she's just throwing everything she can at the wall at this point in order to get rich.

This anecdote comes on the heels of a post by celebrity gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights in which a reader claimed to witness a stunning event at a hotel:

"On Saturday night a former B list reality star who is apparently shooting another version of the show that thrust her into our world was almost kicked out of her hotel."

"She started screaming at a guy for not paying her what they agreed to. You would think with all that money coming in she could stop charging by the hour."

That star was reportedly none other than Farrah Abraham.

Call it what you want - escort, companion, etc. - it is looking more and more likely that Farrah is engaged in the world's oldest profession. Incredible.

If she longs to live a private life and be a good parent, as she often says, why is she doing porn, hawking sex toys and possibly dabbling in harlotry?

“If your naked self is already out there," she says in response to that question, "it would just be stupid to not grace upon what other things that you can capitalize off of."

“If somebody else is going to ruin you and take your brand down, you might as well put it in your own hands and do something positive with it."

"I’ll be doing other things, lingerie, swimwear, and other things too. It’s not all about nakedness, but it is all creative and I do like to do things.”

"I keep on progressing and developing and hopefully one day I’ll be developing master plan communities and bigger projects. Bigger is where I’m going.”

Master. Plan. Communities.

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