Farrah Abraham: Rumors of Prostitution Intensify as Alleged Sugar Daddy is Revealed!

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OK, so pretty much everyone believes that Farrah Abraham is a prostitute now, right?

That's just where we're at at this point in time.

The rumors have been swirling for months and months at this point, if not years, and the evidence just keeps piling up.

It's actually pretty easy to believe when everything's all laid out.

And it's even easier now that Instagram sleuths have figured out the identity of one of Farrah's possible sugar daddies.

Let's dive in, friends ... there's a whole, whole lot to discuss.

1. It's Farrah Time

It's Farrah Time
"Hold up," you may be thinking. "We know Farrah did that sex tape and everything, but am I honestly supposed to believe that she is also an escort?"

2. Or This

Or This
Or you may be thinking "Yeah, Farrah's an escort, what's new?"

3. Our Girl

Our Girl
Farrah has done so, so much with her Teen Mom fame, it's hard to keep up, so no hard feelings if you're not familiar with this theory.

4. Recap Time!

Recap Time!
And if you are familiar with the theory, just chill for a minute while everybody else catches up, OK?

5. Back Door Superstar

Back Door Superstar
OK, so Farrah released that sex tape a few years ago, and since then, so much of her public persona has been about sex.

6. Looking Back

Looking Back
She's released sex toys, she's done some stripping, and of course she's done those camgirl shows that eventually helped her lose her spot on Teen Mom OG.

7. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
But for a long time now, lots of people have speculated that she also works as a high-class escort overseas.

8. Can You Dig It?

Can You Dig It?
It makes sense, really -- after everything she's done, it wouldn't be a big leap for her to get into that line of work, would it?

9. Also Money

Also Money
Additionally, we all know she has expensive tastes, but she doesn't have MTV money coming in anymore. She has to be funding her extravagant lifestyle somehow.

10. Right, Right

Right, Right
Part of that extravagant lifestyle includes lots and lots of travel. She's almost always on the move, frequently staying in fancy resorts and flying first class.

11. Where the Action Is?

Where the Action Is?
She seems to go to Dubai more than anywhere else -- she's there several times a year, and that's where she is now.

12. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
And some internet detectives think they've discovered who she's with -- or rather, who's paying her to be with him.

13. Hey, Steve!

Hey, Steve!
This is Steven Taylor. He's a soccer player, and he has quite the reputation -- earlier this year, he was in the tabloids for trying to get with so many women at once that he earned the nickname "Love Rat."

14. Hmmm

According to posts on his Instagram, which we'll get to in a minute, he's in Dubai right now, as is Farrah, of course.

15. Not Alone!

Not Alone!
And on her own Instagram, Farrah has been doing her best to make sure everyone knows that she isn't alone.

16. TOTALLY Not Alone

For the caption of one of her posts, she wrote "Life is infinity when your with the right company. Best summer ever - With one of the best people ever."

17. Oh Gross

Oh Gross
In another caption for another post, she wrote "When he makes you laugh so hard & gets hard in the pool." She added hashtags like "summer romance" and "zaddy."

18. Ugh

In yet another post, she wrote that she was all dressed up "For my king on date night."

19. OK ...

OK ...
All the photos and videos she's been sharing have been of only herself, and she hasn't tagged any men, but she did share this photo four days ago, which is interesting because ...

20. Weird!

... Four days ago, Steven Taylor was doing the exact same thing.

21. Guilty?

And if you compare Farrah and Steven's photos, you can see that the numbers on the boat match up -- proof that they're together.

22. Everybody Knows!

Everybody Knows!
As one person wrote in a comment on her page, "Tell us about Steven and why is he a god damn tool trying to keep you a secret? We all know."

23. Ouch

Another person told her "You should Google him..... You're not special lol."

24. Good Question

Good Question
One follower asked "If hes so great, why not show a pic of you two together, why wont he allow it?"

25. Shame, Shame

Shame, Shame
That person has a point -- it seems like Steven is ashamed of being associated with Farrah for some reason.

26. Rude

He's disabled the comments on all of his recent Instagram posts, and he's been going on a major blocking spree on anyone who comments about his ties to Farrah.

27. All Right ...

All Right ...
So look, there's a lot going on here, and there's a ton we don't know.

28. Detective Work

Detective Work
We know that Farrah and Steven are together, but we don't know the context. Is he her sugar daddy? Is that really what's happening here?

29. Tough Questions

Tough Questions
Or are they just hooking up? Is she trying to romanticize it for social media while he does his best to hide any and all evidence?

30. Mother of the Year

Mother of the Year
Either way, we know that Farrah is with him in Dubai while Sophia is staying with Debra, Farrah's mom, back home, and that's ... well, that's something.

31. Sorry, Girl

Sorry, Girl
Could anything she does ever surprise you anymore?

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