Drita D'Avanzo to Farrah Abraham: I'm Gonna Smack the Sh-t Out of You!

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Farrah Abraham isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but even she knows not to mess with former mob affiliates who have a history of savagely beating anyone who pisses them off, right?


Farrah did exactly that over the weekend when she took to Instagram and trash talked former Mob Wives star Drtia D'Avanzo, a woman who could probably have her "disappeared" with a single phone call.

What possessed Farrah to start a feud that will likely end with her being dumped in the East River?

That's anybody's guess, but it's hard to imagine that this will end well for Ms. Abraham.

Here's a recap of the wildly entertaining beef between these two former reality stars:

1. Gig Gone Wrong

Gig Gone Wrong
It all started in the trashy feud capital of the world, Atlantic City, where Farrah and Drita were both on the bill to do a meet and greet with casino guests.

2. Ego Monster

Ego Monster
Apparently, Farrah was opposed to the idea of doing a joint appearance, but she took the job because she's been fired from Teen Mom OG and ... well, porn doesn't pay what it used to.

3. She Always Wanted to Be a Gangster

She Always Wanted to Be a Gangster
In case you're unfamiliar, D'Avanzo was one of the most short-tempered stars of the VH1 reality hit Mob Wives -- which is really saying something, as that cast wasn't exactly loaded with Zen masters.

4. Should've Seen It Coming

Should've Seen It Coming
Naturally, Farrah decided to trash talk Drita after the event -- a decision we're guessing she'll soon regret.

5. Two-Face Farrah

Two-Face Farrah
According to witnesses, Farrah seemed to enjoy herself during the appearance. But in an Instagram Live video posted later that same night, she tore Drita to shreds for her allegedly "f--ked up" and "unprofessional" behavior.

6. Farrah Speak

Farrah Speak
It's hard to tell exactly what happened due to Farrah's ... um, unique way with words, but it's clear that the former Teen Mom OG star was VERY pissed off about her interactions with Drita.

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