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On Tuesday, Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo was arrested for assault after allegedly attacking her neighbor in a fight over a parking spot.

Today, footage of the incident was released online, and it looks like Drita may have a very difficult time defending her actions in court.

Mary Bratti provided the video to TMZ as evidence that she was viciously pummeled by TMZ on her own property.

According to Bratti, the D’Avanzos frequently make use of a parking spot reserved for her family.

When she confronted them about it from the safety of her porch, Drita’s husband Lee D’Avanzo – who was recently released from prison – unleashed a vicious verbal attack, some of which can be heard in the clip below. 

Bratti can be heard defending herself as Drita climbs the stairs to her porch and begins viciously pummeling her in the head.

Drita is currently facing misdemeanor assault charges, and Bratti filed for an order of protection.

She says she passed out from pain after being repeatedly punched by Drita, and a CT scan revealed that she had suffered a minor concussion.

Drita’s show may be wrapping up its final season, but it looks like she still knows how to bring the drama when there are cameras around.

Watch Mob Wives online for more psychopathic anger from Drita.