Ryan Edwards: Stepping Away From Teen Mom OG to Focus on Sobriety?

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If you've been keeping up on the life of Ryan Edwards in recent months, you know that the controversial Teen Mom OG has not had an easy time of it lately.

Granted, most of Ryan's problems are self-created, but nevertheless, many fans who remember Maci Bookout's ex from his leas troubled days have expressed concerns and sympathetic thoughts on social media.

In the past year, they've seen Ryan get arrested, lose consciousness while driving to his own wedding, go to rehab, relapse, and nearly lose custody of his son.

While there's much disagreement as to whether or not Ryan deserves a second chance, all seem to agree that if there's any possibility of redemption, it has to begin with Ryan stepping away from the reality TV spotlight in order to focus on recovery.

Will he do it? Well, that's a question only Ryan can answer ...

1. Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope
Believe it or not, not everyone has given up on Ryan. His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and his long-suffering parents remain firmly in his corner.

2. Loyalty Put to the Test

Loyalty Put to the Test
And if the Teen Mom-obsessed corners of social media are any indication, Ryan still enjoys the support of a surprisingly large group of extremely loyal fans.

3. Ultimatum Time

Ultimatum Time
But even those who have already been put through the wringer by Ryan have their limits. And it seems they're beginning to lose faith in the troubled father of one.

4. Taking a Break

Taking a Break
It's been rumored that Ryan's loved ones have pressured him to take an indefinite break from filming in order to focus on getting his life back on track. Many fans have publicly expressed support for the idea.

5. A Hard Sell

A Hard Sell
However, reality stardom has been Ryan's sole source of income for the entirety of his adult life. He and Standifer are currently expecting their first child together, so he may be reluctant to step away from the camera at this time, even for a short period.

6. What's Best For Everyone

What's Best For Everyone
Of course, as many fans have pointed out, this is an opportunity for Ryan to prove that he's capable of putting the needs of those who rely on him ahead of his own self-interest. And it could be his last chance to do so ...

7. Turning Point

Turning Point
In addition to the fact that he's expecting a child with Mackenzie, Ryan is currently battling for custody of 9-year-old Bentley, his son with Maci Bookout.

8. Hard Road Ahead

Hard Road Ahead
It won't be easy for Ryan to prove to a judge that he's capable of being a good father. Stepping away from the show and returning to rehab would certainly help send the message that he's serious about being there for his son.

9. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
In addition to the fact that he's been arrested twice in the past year (once for heroin possession, once for a probation violation), Ryan stands accused of threatening to kill Maci's husband, Taylor McKinney.

10. Legal Action

Legal Action
Ryan and Taylor were granted temporary orders of protection against Ryan, and there was a period of time when Edwards was unable to see his son.

11. On An Upswing?

On An Upswing?
Those orders of protection have been lifted, and Ryan is reportedly working on repairing his relationships with Maci and Taylor. But he still has one major stumbling block ahead of him in that regard ...

12. Ryan's Choice

Ryan's Choice
Maci has made it clear that Ryan must pass a drug test before she'll agree to allow him unsupervised visits with Bentley. Thus far, Edwards has refused.

13. Dwindling Support

Dwindling Support
Edwards' endlessly supportive wife and parents are said to be assisting his efforts to regain custody, but even they have their limits ...

14. Standifer Stands By Her Man

Standifer Stands By Her Man
While Mackenzie has remained by Ryan's side, she's reportedly among those who are calling for him to take a break from filming and return to rehab.

15. Leading By Example

Leading By Example
Mackenzie has taken a hiatus from social media, and she reportedly won't be interacting with fans until after her baby arrives.

16. Thin Ice

Thin Ice
Ryan is already on thin ice with Mackenzie, and not only because of his many legal issues and violent outbursts.

17. Busted

Shortly after his latest arrest, Ryan was caught using a Tinder profile to seek out and communicate with potential cheating partners.

18. Funny Guy

Funny Guy
A few days after that revelation, a new episode of TMOG showed Ryan essentially threatening to leave Mackenzie due to all of the added expenses and responsibilities of raising a child. He later claimed he was joking.

19. The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid
Yes, it's hard to believe that Ryan still has anyone's support, but he's been extremely lucky in that regard. Now, the choice is his: Will he take advantage of that support and start working his way toward redemption, or continue alienating and disappointing his loved ones? Only time will tell.

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