Beyonce is Pregnant Again: All the So-Called Proof!

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Some Beyonce rumors pop and then go away after a few hours.

Like the claim that this singer has been carrying on affair with LeBron James.

But other Beyonce rumors crop up... and then continue cropping up, with dedicated members of the Beyhive convinced something or other about the artist is true.

This ended up being the case following lots of chatter of a Jay-Z affair.

And some are now absolutely sure it's the case when it comes to talk that Beyonce is pregnant with baby number-four.

On what are supporters basing this theory? For the most part, on many of the outfits featured below.

Scrol down to see what we mean...

1. Beyonce and Jay-Z are on Tour Again

Beyonce and Jay-Z are on Tour Again
Each night they perform, these icons sell out arenas and stadiums are part of their On the Run II tour. The concerts are massively popular -- and they may also be giving us a glimpse into the happenings inside of Beyonce's womb.

2. Just Look at This Pose, People!

Just Look at This Pose, People!
Is the singer "defo pregnant" based on this picture alone? That may be an extreme stance to take, but we certainly can understand why some could see a baby bump here.

3. Remember the Blue Reveal?

Remember the Blue Reveal?
Remember at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards? How Beyonce revealed to the world she was pregnant for the first time by leaning back and rubbing her belly? She's kind of doing the same thing in the previous picture, just without the belly rub.

4. Other Concert Goers Chime In

Other Concert Goers Chime In
No visual evidence with this Tweet, but it's another message from someone else who just saw the Queen, live and in person on stage.

5. Just Look at Those Videos!

Just Look at Those Videos!
It's all right in front of us, guys. Ignore the music in those tour videos and take a close look at Beyonce's midsection.

6. Blazers and Capes, You Guys!

Blazers and Capes, You Guys!
Could she be bloated from all that vegan food? We guess. But this is absolutely the wardrobe of someone expecting a child, okay?!?

7. A-HA!

Now we're getting somewhere. Come on. Why would anyone wear an outfit with a heart in this particular place if that person were NOT pregnant?

8. The Internet Agrees!

The Internet Agrees!
Yes! A heart! As in, a heartbeat! Which is something all babies have! Eureka!

9. Huh?

Another recent attendee begs to differ with those who have evidently been seeing something very different with their eyes.

10. Sigh. We've Heard This Before.

Sigh. We've Heard This Before.
Like, MANY times before. Must we really keep analyzing everything Beyonce does and wears for signs of a child?

11. Didn't She Just Have Two Kids a Year-Plus Ago?

Didn't She Just Have Two Kids a Year-Plus Ago?
This Tweet is far too sensible to be on the Internet. It's almost as though a woman packs on pounds when having TWO people inside of her and may not have shed all those pounds yet.

12. No Surgery Here!

No Surgery Here!
Some stars will do ANYthing to lose baby weight as quickly as they can. Just ask any of the Kardashians. But Beyonce has not gone under the knife and may just need a little more time.

13. Totally Twinning!

Totally Twinning!
Seriously, Beyonce is the mother to Blue Ivy, 6; and twins Rumi and Sir, 1. Do you really think she would want another baby so soon, if at all? Where would she even find the time to care for them all, with her busy schedule?

14. What Do YOU Think?

What Do YOU Think?
Is this evidence enough of a pregnancy? Or do you still need to be convinced that the Internet is about to be shattered into a billion tiny pieces via an announcement from Jay and Bey?

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