Beyonce: ACTUALLY Pregnant With Baby #4?!

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Earlier this week, one of the greatest mysteries of our time was solved when the world learned the identity of the actress who bit Beyonce on the face.

Of course, Queen Bey might be the most scrutinized woman on the planet, so we shouldn't be surprised that a new mystery has already emerged to take that one's place.

Beyonce at Coachella

Currently, Beyonce is performing with Jay Z in the wildly ambitious, globe-trotting On the Run 2 Tour.

The concerts have already given fans plenty to talk about, including possible hints that Jay was caught cheating again.

Now, the rumor mill has really kicked into high gear thanks to widespread speculation that Beyonce is pregnant with her fourth child.

The rumors seem to be based on little more than Bey's choice of costume on the tour.

But if you thought such shaky evidence would prevent fans from eating these reports up unquestioningly, then you don't know Beyhive Twitter.

"If you notice on Beyonce's dress a heart is located on the mid section. I'm convinced that there is a little angel growing inside," one fan speculated via Twitter.

Beyonce on Coachella Stage

"Heart represents Heart beat," the fan added, in case you're really, really not big on symbolism.

"She's wearing blazers, capes, and extra accessories around her abdomen," another added.

"I'm suspicious. Beyonce might be pregnant again."

Other fans believe they've already spotted a bump.

Pretty bold declaration, but hey -- we live in a time in which being first trumps being accurate every time.

Fans have noted that Bey and Jay both have the number 4 tattooed on their ring fingers, but that's not necessarily an indication that they're planning to have four children.

Beyonce Baby Bump?

Bey's fourth studio album was titled 4 and Jay's latest release was titled 4:44.

So we think it's safe to say the number carries significance to the couple that goes beyond the number of offspring they'd like to raise.

Besides, we're sure the Carters are too smart to leave something like that to chance.

If Beyonce has kids again, the whole motif would be ruined!

Speaking, of twins, Bey gave a special shoutout to Sir and Rumi at a recent performance, saying:

"Happy Birthday to Sir and Rumi. We love you!"

We're sure the Beyhive is currently dissecting that comment for clues.

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