Farrah Abraham on Cheyenne Floyd: Who the Eff is That?!?

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Farrah Abraham is never one to hold back.

This is true both on camera when some dude is railing her from behind; or whether she's asked by an entertainment news reporter for her take on... well... anything.

One of the most prominent storylines floating Teen Mom OG right now centers around Cheyenne Floyd, the surprise selection of suitors to basically replace Abraham on the series.

What does Farrah think of Cheyenne?

She thinks she's the perfect choice and has wished her all the best!

Just kidding.

She's basically said the exact opposite, as we outline below:

1. Cheyenne Floyd?!?

Cheyenne Floyd?!?
Yes, Cheyenne Floyd. MTV stunned fans of the series when they announced in June of 2018 that this mostly random young woman would star on the new season of Teen Mom OG.

2. Tell Us More...

Tell Us More...
Okay: She's 25 years old and she previously appeared on the programs Are You The One? and The Challenge. She and fellow Challenge castmember Cory Wharton share a one-year-old daughter named Ryder.

3. Wait.. How Old is She?!?

Wait.. How Old is She?!?
25. So, yes, she had this child at the age of 24. Which means she was never a teenage mother. This is one problem fans have with the selection.

4. What About These Two?

What About These Two?
What about Mackenzie Standifer? What about Mackenzie McKee? They were the leading contenders to replace Farrah until MTV pulled this shocker on us.

5. Another Problem They Have with Her?

Another Problem They Have with Her?
They've never heard of her! Everyone expected MTV to choose a familiar personality, especially when you consider the "O" in "Teen Mom OG." It stands for "Original."

6. Don't You Agree, Farrah?

Don't You Agree, Farrah?
You won't believe this, but Abraham isn't a fan of Floyd, either. "I don't even know that name," she now says to Radar Online, scoffing at the notion that Floyd will fill her shoes and adding: "She's not a filler."

7. She'll Never Be Anything Like Farrah, That's for Sure

She'll Never Be Anything Like Farrah, That's for Sure
Abraham, of course, got canned for starring in an X-Rated Webcam show and also for being very mean and hostile to Teen Mom crew members.

8. Then Again, Cheyenne May Have Something in Common with Farrah

Then Again, Cheyenne May Have Something in Common with Farrah
She may also get fired by MTV! Astute Internet users have uncovered a few controversial Tweets from Floyd, including one written about the movie The Help and how she didn't want to see it because "I have a problem with white people." And when she did see it, she said that afterwards: "I wanted to kill every white person I saw."

9. There Was Also This:

There Was Also This:
Floyd once retweeted a message how she and her friend are "nazi-loving, black power-having, 'kill-a-white-baby-if-i-could' people. Hilarious joke, right?

10. Cheyenne Has to Go!

Cheyenne Has to Go!
David Eason has said as much, but there may not be a less reliable source on the planet when it comes to decency and tolerance.

11. Eason Sucks, But He Isn't Alone

Eason Sucks, But He Isn't Alone
Amber Portwood is pissed off about a new cast member," a source close to the situation tells Radar Online, not necessarily due to the whole racism thing. She just isn't happy about this development.

12. Amber Isn't Alone, Either

Amber Isn't Alone, Either
This same old Radar report says that other Teen Mom OG cast members are very down on Chyenne: "They've been doing Teen Mom for 10 years and don't think they like the idea of someone who is a total newbie and has never even been on the show before coming on permanently," says this insider.

13. Who Do the Gals Want?

Who Do the Gals Want?
"They all just think it's stupid that they're bringing in people from outside the franchise instead of bringing the [Teen Mom OG] and [Teen Mom 2] casts together," says a source, making a ton of sense, in our opinion.

14. Teen Moms... Unite!

Teen Moms... Unite!
Maci is apparently very close to Chelsea, Kailyn and Amber and would love to just see all the women on one show.

15. But Why Would MTV Do This?

But Why Would MTV Do This?
First, the network wants multiple shows because then at least one Teen Mom franchise can be on the air throughout the year. It's all about money, folks.

16. We're Also Pretty Sure That Scandal Sells

We're Also Pretty Sure That Scandal Sells
Moreover, why would MTV want all their Teen Mom cast members to be friend? Where's the drama in that? Without drama, there are no ratings.

17. This Explains Why...

This Explains Why...
... Floyd is is already filming new Teen Mom OG episodes. Producers must be loving all this conflict!

18. HOWEVER...

... this is just "test shooting," according to Radar Online. Floyd hasn't "been paid yet" and has "not signed a contract yet."

19. But Whatever. Farrah is Over All of It.

But Whatever. Farrah is Over All of It.
Concluded the porn/reality star in her latest interview: "I am forever a Teen Mom. We gave birth to the TV show. I love all my Teen Mom fans. I love all my mom bosses."

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