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For the duration of 1000-Lb Sisters on TLC, viewers have witnessed Amy Slaton transform her body.

As the title of this reality show suggests, the mother of two once weighed in at a VERY unhealthy figure… then worked hard to shave off many of those pounds, eventually qualifying for gastric bypass surgery and was able to give birth on two occasions without any complications.

It’s been an impressive journey.

But let’s forget about Amy’s body for a moment…

… and focus on her face!

The reality star took to TikTok this week and played around with some fun and unique filters.

At one point (above), she went “Spanish Barbie.”

At another point (below), she went “Hard rock glamor with bold makeup and body tattoos.”

And then, finally, she went with simply “Sexy Halloween makeup,” which you can see down below a bit further.

The TLC personality has long tried to have fun with filters, much to the occasional irritation of her fan base.

Back in June, a bunch of followers asked Amy to stop using these editing techniques because they wanted to see her natural appearance.

It was a nice sentiment, stemming from their appreciation over how far Amy has come and their desire for her to stop hiding behind computer-generated costumes basically.

But it also may have been an example of overthinking. Amy is just out here having fun, guys!

And she deserves it, many might say.

Amy is going through a challenging divorce from her husband of four years, Michael Halterman.

The spouses share a two-year old son named Gage and an 11-month old son named Glenn.

Last we heard, Amy had moved back into her Kentucky home, while Michael was residing with his mother in a relatively small apartment.

The former has been caring for her kids during the week, while the latter has been in charge during weekends.

Things have seemingly been a very sad mess between the husband and wife for about months now, ever since they got into a heated exchange in February.

Based on a 911 dispatch made public this spring, the two really got into it on February 24.

The disagreement took place around 2:30 in the afternoon and authorities on the scene did NOT think either party was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“Amy wants to separate, but the male doesn’t want to,” the report stated, seemingly contradicting the fact that Michael ended up being the one to submit the legal termination papers a couple weeks later.

Slaton, for her part, alleged Michael “became violent” and started “throwing things” with the pair’s toddlers at home.

Amy was eventually granted a restraining order, although she asked a judge to lift it a short time later.

We aren’t certain where things stand at the moment, but it does sound as if we’ll soon learn more via the small screen.

Yes, folks, we’ve been promised 1,000 Lb Sisters Season 5!