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Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans filed for a restraining order against her mother, Barbara Evans.

The news was surprising for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Barbara is 70 years old.

Jenelle recently regained custody of her teenage son, Jace, who had been living with Barbara since he was an infant.

At the time, Jenelle claimed that she and Barbara were finally getting along after years of mutual hostility.

Barbara and Jenelle Evans
Barbara and Jenelle Evans used to be close. They are not close any longer, far from it.. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Needless to say, that’s no longer the case.

In fact, it now looks as though Jenelle and Barbara were never getting along, and Babs signed over custody of Jace not because she had a change of heart about her daughter, but because she no longer felt equipped to handle her grandson’s behavioral issues.

Still, with the custody matter settled, it briefly looked as though Jenelle and Babs might be able to begin repairing their relationship.

Jenelle and Barbara at Christmas
Jenelle and Barbara Evans posed for a Christmas-themed photo in December of 2020. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Instead, the younger Evans has taken legal action, claiming that Barbara presents a threat to her safety.

Now, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has obtained documents Jenelle filed with the court in which she requested “ex parte” (basically legalese for “emergency rush”) protection against her elderly mom.

On the forms, Jenelle checked boxes indicating Barbara has “attempted to cause or has intentionally caused me bodily injury,” and/or has placed Jenelle or members of her household in fear of “imminent serious bodily injury.”

Barbara Evans Snapshot
Barbara Evans is the mother of Jenelle. That can’t be an easy gig to hold down, right? (Photo Credit: MTV)

Jenelle also accused Barbara of “continued harassment that rises to such a level as to inflict substantial emotional distress.”

She even checked the box for “I believe there is danger of serious and immediate injury to me or my children.”

In the part of the form where Jenelle was asked to elaborate on Barbara’s allegedly abusive behavior, she alleged that Babs broke the law by providing a statement to TMZ after Jace ran away from home last month.

Jenelle Evans posted this pic to celebrate her son’s birthday in August of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“She ended up giving a statement without my permission,” Jenelle wrote.

“This is causing myself and my son emotional distress with it being shared in the media…I am trying to keep my son’s life private at the moment but we both keep being harassed by my mom to TMZ media on the Internet.”

From there, Jenelle accused her mother of name-calling, which is apparently a behavior that necessitates a police response now.

“She is also causing emotional distress to myself by name-calling my parenting in text messages frequently,” Jenelle wrote.

Jenelle Evans launches into one of her infamous rants on Facebook. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The younger Evans went on to accuse Barbara of secretly contacting Teen Mom producer Larry Musnik.

“She also has contacted our old MTV producer twice this month about my son’s ‘drama’ when we do not work with MTV anymore. And I chose not to work with them,” Jenelle wrote.

“There is proof of the texts between her and Larry as well,” she added.

“For these reasons I would like a restraining order granted so my life and my son’s personal life is kept private at this time for both of our mental healths [sic].”

Jenelle Evans now has full custody of son Jace. We hope she takes this seriously. (Instagram)

As The Ashley pointed out, Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom back in 2019, so her claim that she chose not to work with MTV anymore is bogus.

(She also points out that “healths” is not a word, but we’re sure you knew that.)

Interestingly, Jenelle did not request protection for her husband, David Eason.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have cute kids. But their marriage doesn’t seem utopian. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

She did, however, request that the court prohibit Barbara from purchasing or owning any firearms, a move that surely conflicts with David’s vision of a ‘Murica where every citizen owns a massive stockpile of weapons.

Is this another indication of trouble within Jenelle and David’s marriage?

We don’t know, but whatever the case, there’s a whole lot happening on The Land these days!

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted as new information becomes available.