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We don’t think anyone would use the word “reliable” to describe Jenelle Evans — but the troubled former Teen Mom star can always be counted on to deliver the drama!

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Jenelle news, then you know her family has been in turmoil for several weeks now.

And the latest development indicates that despite her claims to the contrary, Jenelle is still not getting along with her famously cantankerous mother, Barbara Evans.

In her filings, Jenelle accuses Barbara of assault and alleges that her mom made misleading, defamatory statements to outlets like TMZ.

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Barbara and Jenelle Evans used to be close. They are not close any longer, far from it.. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Jenelle filed a domestic violence protective order against Babs on September 1.

(Apparently, in North Carolina, domestic violence allegations can be made against anyone you used to live with, even if the two parties haven’t cohabited in many years, as is the case with Jenelle and Barbara.)

Jenelle filed the order ex parte, meaning that she wanted the court to grant the protective order immediately, as an emergency precaution.

Barbara Evans Snapshot
Barbara Evans is the mother of Jenelle. That can’t be an easy gig to hold down, right? (Photo Credit: MTV)

When that request was denied — possibly because Barbara is like 70 years old, weighs like 80 pounds, and probably doesn’t present a physical threat to anyone — Jenelle filed for a civil restraining order.

In this filing, she alleged that Barbara caused her “emotional distress” by speaking with TMZ last month.

Jenelle recently regained custody of her eldest son, Jace, after Barbara raised the boy from infancy into his teen years.

Jenelle Evans posted this pic to celebrate her son’s birthday in August of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Barbara was apparently struggling with Jace’s unruly behavior, so she agreed to sign over custody.

Unfortunately, Jenelle doesn’t seem to be well-equipped to handle the situation either.

Jace has run away twice in the few weeks since he moved in with Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, and Babs told TMZ that the Easons abruptly cut off the kid’s therapy sessions and ADHD meds.

Jenelle Evans now has full custody of son Jace. We hope she takes this seriously. (Instagram)

Not surprisingly, the court denied Jenelle’s request for a restraining order that would prevent Barbara from talking to the press.

But mother and daughter will still square off in court next week, where a judge will presumably instruct them to stop being so extra all the time.

It wasn’t that long ago that Jenelle was claiming that she and Barbara had settled their differences and learned to get along.

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Barbara Evans recently made some shocking comments about her daughter. And we’re sure Jenelle is NOT happy! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

These days, however, the younger Evans is airing her grievances in a big way, taking to social media to blast Barbara for what she claims are false, slanderous statements.

“Cut my own mother off again, and she has to keep going with the articles. Doesn’t call to check up, doesn’t ask me how he is, but talks to TMZ to give updates she knows nothing about,” Jenelle recently wrote on Facebook.

“Please do not believe anything my mother is saying to the media at this time. The truth will prevail and I’ll soon tell you when the time is right.”

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Jenelle and Barbara Evans posed for a Christmas-themed photo in December of 2020. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Needless to say, the truce is over, and the dueling Evanses are back to doing what they do best!

And sadly, once again, Jenelle’s kids are caught in the middle of the conflict.