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Jenelle Evans is having quite a month.

The latest drama began when Jenelle’s teenage son, Jace Evans, ran away from home twice in as many weeks.

Shortly thereafter, Jenelle filed for a restraining order against her mother, Barbara Evans.

Jace’s attempts to skip town likely have everything to do with his current living situation and nothing to do with the fact that he spent most of his life in Barbara’s care.

Jenelle Evans posted this pic to celebrate her son’s birthday in August of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

But Jenelle doesn’t see it that way.

She thinks that Barbara is sabotaging her newly reunited family — Jenelle just regained custody of Jace earlier this year — by talking to the press.

And so, Evans filed for a restraining order, even though this seems like the sort of situation where a cease and desist letter would’ve been the more appropriate response.

Jenelle Evans now has full custody of son Jace. We hope she takes this seriously. (Instagram)

Anyway, Jenelle and Babs squared off in court on Thursday, and according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the hostility was palpable.

“Barbara and Jenelle did not talk. They did not communicate at all and it was very tense,” a courtroom source told the outlet.

“Barbara’s lawyer asked the judge to continue the case,” the insider continued.

Barbara Evans recently made some shocking comments about her daughter. And we’re sure Jenelle is NOT happy! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The onlooker went to claim that Jenelle was visibly upset by the judge’s decision to delay the matter.

“Jenelle was pissed! She did not want it continued and was pushing to have the hearing today. The judge sided with Barbara on that and granted her request to push it and Jenelle was mad,” the source claimed.

“It was over very fast, and Jenelle left after not getting what she wanted.”

(Photo Credit: Twitter/X)

The insider also said that Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, was not in the courtroom with her, but Jenelle claims otherwise.

In fact, she says she and David were all decked-out in matching blazers!

So we don’t know for sure if David was in the courtroom or not, but he certainly seemed to have a lot of time on his hands this week.

(Although when you’re chronically unemployed, we guess that’s the case every week!)

Tyler Baltierra debuted the cover art for his debut single in September of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Tyler Baltierra recently released his debut hip hop track with the above cover art, and David jumped at the opportunity to roast his former Teen Mom colleague.

“Just finished a rap song, I guess. I can get a face tattoo now. Definitely not X’s on my eyes, that’s for sure!” Eason wrote on Facebook.

He later denied that the remark had anything to do with Baltierra.

David Eason Crying
Strange things are happening in the fetid swamp that Jenelle Evans and David Eason call home. And it seems recent events have driven David to tears. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“No, I was not throwing shade when I said I just finished a rap song.

“And it’s not shade when I say I made a song you can actually jam out to in the car or at a party, etc.!”

David has yet to release the track, so naturally, commenters were quick to accuse him of a “sad” and “jealous” attempt to steal Tyler’s thunder.

David Eason lashed out at fans on Facebook in September of 2023. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

This, of course, triggered Eason and led to one of the Facebook meltdowns that he and Jenelle do so well.

With such mature, emotionally stable adults in his life, we can’t imagine why Jace is still struggling to adapt to life on The Land!