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Finally, Southern Charm Season 9 is here. And the cast is dealing with, just, so much baggage.

One of the central issues is Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green’s breakup. That split had a butterfly effect. And there are lingering, unresolved hurts.

At Madison Lecroy’s wedding afterparty (she’s married, remember?), Taylor confronted Craig Conover. Basically, she felt like Craig treated Shep’s cheating like a joke. That he treated her like a joke.

The result was that Craig ended up more or less screaming at Taylor. He thinks that she’s angry at the wrong person. Is she?

When Taylor Ann Green confronted Craig Conover for his behavior before and after her breakup, he argued that she should be more angry at her cheating ex. She has that covered, though. (Bravo)

Obviously, so much went down on the Southern Charm Season 9 premiere.

And that was before they even arrived at Madison Lecroy’s friend’s home. Brittany opened the doors of her sprawling home to guests and to production, to film Madison’s wedding afterparty.

And then plenty happened at the party itself before Taylor and Craig faced off.

Craig Conover speaks to the confessional camera on the Season 9 premiere of Southern Charm. (Bravo)

But the true meat of the premiere was when Taylor, after speaking to Shep Rose (awkwardly) and getting support from Austen Kroll, spoke to Craig.

“I will say, from my perspective, the way that you approached our breakup was really shitty,” she told Craig.

Shep had been trying to get Craig and Austen to leave with him to avoid just such a confrontation.

Paige DeSorbo chose a very interesting outfit to survey ongoing construction on Southern Charm Season 9. (Bravo)

“We used to be friends,” Taylor told him.

“I haven’t heard from you,” she said. Others, in contrast, had reached out.

“You didn’t even talk to me,” a very hurt Taylor told him.

Madison Lecroy makes ramen on the Season 9 premiere of Southern Charm while her husband plays outside with her son. (Bravo)

Last year, we heard all about Taylor and Shep’s breakup.

She accused him of cheating on her with a string of different women.

Shep objected to that characterization. He wasn’t saying that he didn’t cheat. Just, in his mind, he didn’t mean to — he wasn’t calling women to come over when she wasn’t there.

After receiving an invitation, Austen Kroll felt that his head was spinning. His ex invited him to her wedding after-party. Austen even asked if her husband knew. Obviously, he did. (Bravo)

That is a distinction … but doesn’t change what he did to her.

Anyway, Taylor noted that she had received support from surprising sources. She’s never been besties with Madison, but Madison messaged her after the split.

Meanwhile, Craig didn’t even check in. That hurt.

Wearing a bold pink outfit, Madison Lecroy speaks about her husband and marriage to the Season 9 confessional camera on Southern Charm. (Bravo)

“You called Austen and laughed about Shep trying to cheat on me,” Taylor accused.

She grew tearful as the conversation continued.

“You laughed about it,” she reiterated.

Taylor Ann Green (wearing some extremely ’80s-core workout leggings) hugs Olivia Flowers. The two detailed on Season 9 of Southern Charm that they are closer than ever. (Bravo)

Craig didn’t feel like this was a fair characterization. He also denied laughing over the cheating (though perhaps he did laugh at Shep in some capacity).

Instead, he claimed that he actually “stopped” Shep from kissing another woman.

According to him, he sat Shep down in an effort to get the guy to snap out of it. (Shep, it seems, does not remember some of his cheating … which is a whole other problem)

Beautiful Taylor Ann Green wears vibrant red for her Southern Charm Season 9 confessional look on the premiere. (Bravo)

But Craig apparently saw this as some sort of bro code issue.

In his mind, Taylor was his “friends’ girlfriend” and so he couldn’t “go behind his back” and rat him out to Taylor.

“The girls have had my back … the only guy who’s had my back is Austen,” Taylor noted.

Shep Rose speaks on the phone about his struggles to move on following a breakup. (Bravo)

Basically, Craig felt like his closer friendship with Shep and some sort of weird gender divide meant hat he couldn’t be a better friend to Taylor.

Meanwhile, Taylor clearly feels like she was essentially a joke. She feels like a fool because of Shep’s cheating, and worries that other people in the group see her the same way.

It’s a complex, painful situation. And it didn’t need to happen.

Craig Conover and Shep Rose crack up over their conflicted castmate. (Bravo)

“You weren’t there the night he did it,” Craig said growing defensive.

“I threw him through a f–king wall,” he then yelled. Madison’s party didn’t really need this intense discussion.

“Screw you,” Craig spat. “I didn’t cheat on you my f–king friend did.”

Taylor Ann Green confronts Craig Conover while Leva Bonaparte seems to realize what’s going down on the Southern Charm Season 9 premiere. (Bravo)

Then, Taylor took this to a weird place.

“What about your girl cheating on you?” she asked as he walked off. Does she mean Paige DeSorbo?

Ignoring her, Craig fired back: “You’re embarrassing yourself.” He’s certainly right about that.

Taylor Ann Green’s reaction to finding out that Madison Lecroy has never used a vibrator is hilarious. And relatable. (Bravo)

Obviously, Taylor is in a lot of pain. She did embarrass herself, and it wasn’t all about Shep or Craig, either.

Just a little etiquette reminder: check with someone before you gift them a vibrator. Especially at a public party. Even if you’re not on camera.

They can be wonderful gifts! But literally just check first. Maybe have a public gift and a private gift if that’s what they need. Come on, girl. Get it together.