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Just because Jeremy and Audrey Roloff peaced out on Little People, Big World doesn’t mean that fans forgot them.

They both have — and monetize — a sizable social media following. Many people are just curious about their lives and their (strange) choices.

Sometimes, fans feel less intrigued and more alarmed by Auj and Jer’s decisions, especially when it comes to parenting.

The couple’s “family fun” videos of their sprawling homestead have revealed that their land can be a bit of a death trap — especially for their small children.

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On Instagram, Jeremy Roloff shared video of him and the kids playing in a stagnant puddle of murky water and deep mud. (Instagram)

In a video that Jeremy Roloff posted to Instagram, he and Ember, Bode, and Radley are all playing outside on thier land.

Specifically, there is a massive mud puddle full of stagnant water and surrounded by mud. Deep mud.

3-year-old Bode and 1-year-old Radley discovered for themselves how quickly they could sink into that soggy ground.

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Little People, Big World fans recoiled at seeing children’s legs sinking into mud on Jer and Auj’s homestead. (Instagram)

Bode slipped knee-deep into the ground while trying to help Radley, whom the ground seemingly sought to swallow whole.

Don’t get us wrong — Jeremy was relatively nearby, and Audrey herself was not far off — watching from a farm vehicle on the grass while wearing a white dress.

But while Jeremy captioned it “kids playing in the mud hole” as if it were a non-issue, a number of folks on social media raised concerns.

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In his Instagram Story, Jeremy Roloff announced big plans for his and his wife’s $1.5 million farm. But fans couldn’t help but think of his brother’s family’s update from just days earlier. Coincidence? (Instagram)

On Reddit, someone reposted the video, describing “their toddler splashing in stagnant, standing water and getting stuck in knee-deep mud.”

“That’s the water where deadly super viruses live. No one thinks it will happen to them,” another wrote. “They are so desperate to show that their kids are living the #farmlife that they are willing to put them in danger.”

“The parasites and bacteria that the children can get in their eyes, bellies, private areas, and lungs (via inhalation) are no friggin joke,” another warned. “Even pets are advised to NEVER drink standing water. Warm, standing water is a literal incubator for bacteria and parasites.”

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Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff pose on their sprawling Oregon property. Living on this land will be a lot of work, but they chose this for themselves. (Photo Credit: Instagram) (Instagram)

“Ok that looks scary and gross to me,” an additional redditor described.

It is absolutely the case that numerous bacteria and parasites can thrive in murky, stagnant water and be a hazard to human health.

And we can all acknowledge, as one commenter pointed out, that Auj and Jer clearly have a bit of an agenda when they showcase their life on the farm.

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During a captioned Instagram video, Audrey Roloff walked around with 1-year-old Radley on the farm. (Instagram)

Other parenting mistakes drew the ire and criticism of social media users.

Jeremy and Audrey did not seem to use any of the proper safety equipment for their kids while driving around their property. No helmets, no seatbelts, just wingin’ it.

The kids seem fine so far, but one unlucky moment is all that it would take for disaster to strike.

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Audrey Roloff’s caption did not mention it, but her Instagram video showed a dangerous-looking crevasse on her treasured farmland. (Instagram)

It is clear that they treasure the sense of independence that comes with living on such a large peace of land.

But when you broadcast your life to the world, people are going to point out when you’re being irresponsible with your children’s safety.

Humans are social animals. It is natural and healthy for us to care about the safety and well being of all children.

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Audrey Roloff conveyed her devout Christian beliefs in a caption while showing off how cute 1-year-old Radley is in this May 2023 video. (Instagram)

Like we — and various critics on social media — acknowledged, Audrey and Jeremy aren’t posting this on a whim.

Sure, they’re influencers, so showing off their family life is part of the deal. Without regular posts, endorsement posts are worthless. (Imagine a TV channel of all commercials, basically)

But they very much want to project an image of a white, Christian family living on a farm and raising their children like past generations did. That is to say, before people invented LEGOs and video games and other better things to do than wallowing in mud.

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In a video on Instagram, Audrey Roloff showed children Ember and Bode playing just before sunset. (Instagram)

But it’s not just that there are more fun activities for kids to do. After all, plenty of kids play outside or swim, even in the “twisted” mainstream society that Audrey openly abhors.

There are real dangers in a child splashing around in murky, stagnant water. Maybe the kids were lucky this time. But luck can run out at any time.

And knowing that Auj and Jer are sharing this to promote their lifestyle as somehow more wholesome or authentic than a normal family’s life does rub people the wrong way.